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Landewednack Cross – a moving tale

Originally posted on The Heritage Journal:
We like to think of our ancient monuments as silent, unchanging sentinels, but this isn’t always the case, sometimes they go walkabout! One of the delights of visiting Cornwall is the chance to catch up with friends who live in the area and on a recent trip Philip, a friend of…

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St Trillo’s Chapel

Down by the sea, tucked away alongside the road is the most beautiful little chapel; one I have known since childhood. St Trillo’s is a 6th century Chapel built over a pre-Christian spring, in fact the altar sits right over the well, which is still full of Holy water, dedicated to St Trillo and St Elidan.…

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Now who’s the real scrounger?

Last night, when I logged on to Facebook, a post by a friend altered me to the fact that a meme I had shared earlier that morning has disappeared from my newsfeed – more than that, it had also disappeared from several of my friends news feeds too… something was afoot. Quickly I established this…

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