Oak-Apples: ink and weather lore.

"If thou wilt see and know how it will go that year, then take heed of the Oak-Apples about St Michael's Day. When they be within full of spiders, then followers a naughty year: if they have with them Flies, that betokens a good year, or if they have Maggots in them; if there be … Continue reading Oak-Apples: ink and weather lore.

Practical magics: recycling and repurposing your very own censer!

A while ago I wrote about the merits of buying second hand, how the crafty witch can repurpose basically anything with a little skill and know how. A recycled pot, repurposed as a censer - note the holes in the lid. Many of us shun the old joss-sticks for resin incense, burnt on lit charcoal … Continue reading Practical magics: recycling and repurposing your very own censer!

Goodbye 2019 – Hello 2020!

2019 has been a strange year, full of high's and low's and middling things... and... Ive not posted here much, but thats going to change with 2020. So what have I been doing? Well, Ive been busy with my creativity, as well as other things... reading, writing, planning, visiting - the list is endless! I … Continue reading Goodbye 2019 – Hello 2020!

Ars Angelorum by Gary St. M. Nottingham

Recently, I required a very interesting book, namely Ars Angelorum. The Book of the Angels, by Gary St. M. Nottingham. But these are not the cute and cuddly angels of the new age - don't expect fluff and lots of sparkle and light - these are the real dudes people.  The above show the book in my … Continue reading Ars Angelorum by Gary St. M. Nottingham

“I propose…” or A Call To Arms!

Lets cut to the chase: climate change is a thing. It's happening RIGHT NOW! Do you need convincing? No? Thought not... Are you concerned? I bet you are, depending on where you live, the changes in our climate are becoming more pronounced - a simple online search will show how humans are impacting on our … Continue reading “I propose…” or A Call To Arms!

A letter of thanks.

The incense billows, perfuming the room as the incantations rise to fever pitch! The candle flickers, then grows tall as if the spoken word commands it to lengthen stretching up, reaching out so it can be seen on the otherside of the walking world. The sounds then begin, not in the room, but deep within … Continue reading A letter of thanks.

Enough, is enough!

Gods damn the Tory party, we, the people of the UK have had enough of their policies; people are dying because of the austerity forced upon them by the rich fat cats who run our country!   Enough, is enough... let the Tory party crumble.   Those of you who would like to use this sigil, please … Continue reading Enough, is enough!

The American Council of Witches plagiarised me, and others.

Today (Sunday 1st March 2015) the much talked about American Council of Witches launched their website. Reading their FAQs  I quickly found that I had been plagiarised! They had taken my questions from their FB group with out asking me and yes, I did check my Other Inbox with a modicum of false expectation... nothing! They … Continue reading The American Council of Witches plagiarised me, and others.