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A new year, and a new look!




I was becoming concerned with navigation around the blog ~ how could I change this for the best as the blog has grown over the years, with over 150 posts; not that many considering some, but never the less, enough!

I write on many subjects, all of which are to be found in the side bar under the categories heading ~ find one that interests you and click on it and hey presto ~ problem solved! :)

There is always the search box, as well, including the page for the New Seeker.

“Winter weather and women’s thoughts often change” Anon

Some January trivia and folklore for you

  •  Did you know that January 13th is supposed to be the coldest day of the month? No nor I, but the feast of St Hilary’s, in recorded many times as having hard frosts on this day.
  • It is said, that if the grass grows in January then it ‘grows the worse for all the year’!
  • “March in January, January in March” … so far this January has been mild and stormy, more like the March weather we’d expect!
  • “A January spring is worth nothing.”
  • “If the birds begin to sing in January, Frosts are on their way”

For now, the sun is shining and the days are growing longer; the snowdrops are up, but not yet out and the promise of an early spring is in the air. So grab a warm drink or a hot toddy and explore the posts here; I hope you enjoy them.



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