Memo to self.

I was asked to do a thing,

A thing,

I thought I could not do,

But I did this thing,

And did it well.

Just goes to show,

I did not know,

That I could do it,

And do it well!



© Cymraes 2008


4 thoughts on “Memo to self.

  1. Oh, we’re barely through November and my soul already gave a great longing sigh at seeing the daffodil picture. Methinks it’s going to be a long Winter 😦
    Nice poem too 🙂

  2. Well I’m the first one to admit I’m no poet, but I had to commit these words to ‘paper’ at the time, just as a memo for the future… the picture is also to remind me I can ‘spring’ forward at times, that ‘spring is just around the corner’ etc. A long hard winter ahead, yes, dark, damp and dreary or bright, frosty and snowy? Probably be warmer Midwinter than it was Midsummer!

  3. … warmer Midwinter than Midsummer… ain’t that the truth!! We spent Litha in a forest having waded through sopping undergrowth; we set up a circle under the trees and celebrated in the dank, dark, wet and cold of the forest floor while it rained and rained and rained. Actually it was perfect and a successful ritual – but a LITTLE bit of sun would have been nice!!

  4. We spent midsummer in similar weather conditions, (of course) high up on Bury Ditches. The sun made a very beautiful, but brief appearance and then it disappeared into the clouds for the rest of the day and the deluge began!

    I’m lucky enough to know someone who is red hot with weather magick now tho’! I may well be using her talents come next midsummer!

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