Sleeper Awake! weak winter sunlight is beginning to illuminate the tomb at Sunset now; slowly creeping along it, day by day, until the midwinter solstice sun shines directly along the low, long, passageway, trod by long forgotten feet, into the tomb, the womb, lighting the rear wall of the chamber, as it did in ancient times.

Maeshowe, the finest of chambered tombs, lies at the heart of Neolithic Orkney, a reminder of the feats Neolithic Man was prepared to go to build monuments to their dead. What their Spiritual practises were, we will never know. But I speculate, that these tombs were for their Spiritual Leaders, Priests, Shamans, Witches, what ever name we, modern man wish to give them. Their lives faded away thousands of years ago, but some of the residual energy, left behind, must surely still exist, and those who are sensitive enough to tap into it, may find a link with the past which is powerful and life changing.

If it is true, (and I think it is) that we all have a little Witch Blood inside of us; that we are Spiritual Beings inside a Physical Body; that each of us has a Divine Spark within, and that this Witch Blood, Spirit, Divine Spark needs only to be woken for us to achieve all that we can be; to become our true-selves and awake from the Sleep that keeps us Spiritually unaware. Then can visits to such powerful places such as Maeshowe reawaken that Spark deep within and awaken the Sleeper?

I think it can.

Now is especially the time when we can be awakened.

For Midwinter is the time of rebirth. The time of the Return of the Light to the World.

A time when we go into our own Midwinter quite naturally, for whether or not we are aware of it, this is the time when our natural rhythms slow and we become retrospective and thoughtful. We become as the tomb, quiet, dark and brooding.

As I watch those, who at this time of year worship nothing but the Gods of the Cash Tills, rush hither and dither with the stress of the Festive Season, I wonder about the tomb they are building for themselves, and wonder if any illumination will find it’s way in to help them see what they have become. Or will they just brush such things aside as nonsense, too afraid of change, and carry on floundering in their sleep, seeing life as the eternal nightmare.

Is there any hope?

I think there is. Once I was asleep… but saw the Light and woke from the nightmare.

This Midwinter Solstice I will watch the Sunrise, from a Sacred Place. I will celebrate the lengthening days at Yule, (25th) with feasting and merriment. I will renew the connection with myself, my friends, my family, the Land and my God’s; I will during this time see my soul illuminated and once again reborn; for as the Wheel Turns and the year waxes, the increasing Light will shine on the Divine Spark with us, illuminating and enriching us, for we are all God’s and Goddess’s.

© Cymraes 2008

***This article has been written with the new Seeker in mind, the one who has just begun to wake, and finds themselves in a strange twilight world where, the real still seems unreal. But, as we all are awake on many different levels, I hope it may inspire others further along the path too, and I welcome comments, experiences, to be shared and discussed for I am well aware this is only my take on the subject and others may or may not agree.

***Maeshowe has a live feed directly into the tomb. I will be watching the light enter the tomb via this link. Having been there, I like to reconnect and witness this event, each Midwinter. Perhaps one year I will be lucky enough to actually be there, rather than watch it on the net. It is a most wonderful sight and never ceases to send shivers through my body and soul!

***”The Gods of the Cash Tills” is a phrase coined by my friend Spike and I thank him, once again for such an insightful phrase. If you use it, please give him credit.


9 thoughts on “Sleeper Awake!

  1. Beautiful post. Yes, at the moment I am so connected into my internal transformations that I receive a physical jolt when I look up and see a house covered in Christmas lights or people talk about Christmas shopping … “Oh… yes, I suppose it is that time of year too…”

    Your post has inspired me to make sure my Yule ritual is truly meaningful to me, my gods and my Inner Spark. YES! This is the witch’s blood – the fire in the blood that some really think can only be passed on by hereditary means of one kind or another…! Argh! Smacks of Catholic-transfer to me – any initiation is between me and my gods, I don’t NEED a priest to convey the gods gift to me. I am open to learning and being guided by others, but ultimately the buck stops with me and how much work I’m willing to do on my Self.

  2. I won’t comment on the post itself as you’ve entered it in my annual blog promo competition, so I don’t want to give any indications as to nay or yay – I just wanted to drop you a line here to let you know, I’ve obviously enough got the right URL now and so it’s officially been entered into the running. And good luck! 🙂

    Of course after the competition closes I can come back and say… whatever!

    Anyone else want to enter, or simply find out what’s going on, just head over to my own site at the moment, you’ll find the competition/awards info easily enough on the front page. x

  3. I would like to thank you for this. The phrase of being in a strange twilight world resonated strongly within me because of the rather strange way in which I came to the Old Ways. I have been a sole practitioner for about two years, and therefore, I classify myself as a new beginner. Still, when I look back at my first hesitant stumbling attempts, I smile rather indulgently at my mis-steps and breathe a sigh of relief for the very real protection I received from ancient ones who were there to catch me before I stepped off a psychic cliff and stood quietly in the doorways I had unknowingly opened, keeping out that which I could not yet even see. Without them, I would be lost now. And without the wonderful and genuine people I have met since I began who have helped me learn and grow, I would not be where I am today – happier, healthier and for the first time in my life, at peace with myself and the world around me. Someday, I will look back at who I am now and smile too, I would imagine. Such is the ways of things. I am glad for people like you, as it is all too easy to get bad advice and not even know it. Yours is truly a labor of love and will come back to you, over and over again. 🙂

    1. Dara ~ thank you… thank you for sharing your journey so far and thank you for your kind words ~ you ‘see’ me, and understand … it is a true labour of love 🙂

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