Yes I know…

…it’s snowing on my blog! 

Well even I have moments of lightness! *;^)

There was a time, not long ago, when the world was changing and I was in love. We had decided to go away with friends to the sea this Christmas day-friends we celebrated the Turning of the Year with; our Spiritual Family.

We planed the day and arranged to call each other when we left our respective homes, determined to leave behind the usual turkey and sprouts, sherry and mince pies and unwanted presents syndrome behind us, and forge a new way to celebrate Yule  with like minded people.

When we woke, early that Christmas morn, my beloved rose to draw the curtains and it was a new day indeed! The whole land was covered with deep white fresh snow!

So beautiful in the early sunshine!

Our day spoiled; we were snowed in!

We stayed in bed, calling our friends, opening presents and making love, then rose to share mulled wine with neighbours; roast turkey and sprouts, sherry and mince pies of our own came later. 

Just goes to show, somethings are best left as they are meant to be…

The first Yule with snow for nearly 40 years…

© Cymraes 2008


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