The Time of Misrule…

We are shifting, drifting into the Time of Misrule.

At night dreams come to me unbidden, hidden from sight; I am left with a vagueness, comprehension just out of reach.

The weather has changed once again to warm stormy rain; blustery gusts cascading through the old Scots Pine cause the branches to dance and sing; birds struggling to fly, find a momentary perch within the sanctuary of the branches, blown this way and that. Pine cones falling, hitting my roof with a thud, a crack, a bang.

Outside night falls and I think of Maeshowe, how the view through my window reminds me of Hoy, as seen from Brodgar, and I feel at home.


But this is the time of Misrule and the moment shifts once again. I am disjointed, as always ay this time. I gave birth at this time. I’ve lost loved ones at this time. I’ve nursed the sick, at this time. Chaos, this is the time of Chaos. Echoing in my life once more.

I have had some of my content on my Facebook profile stolen and posted on another forum. Plagiarism words, messages, a photo. Attributed to me, but taken with out my knowledge or permission. Not good.

I have informed FB; the forum; and got rid of the so called friend.

I am waiting to see what the out come will be, and licking my wounds. Biding my while before confronting the culprit. I’m lucky to have found out-so often many of these things go astray un-noticed!

I have found Copyscape ! 

I watch rain fall on the near by hills, so reminiscent of Hoy. The wind chimes still, as the wind abates, slightly. I loose my self in thought.

The light has all but faded now, the rolling hills a dark shadow against a navy sky. I rise to draw the curtains shut and stack more logs on the woodburner. The cat, curled in his usual spot, ignores me and I sit watching the flames lick the logs and ponder as the rain taps on the window pains and night draws in. The time of change over, the time of not day and not night.

The Chaos between the Order… this is the time of Misrule.

UPDATE! (22nd December)

Late last night I logged on to the internet and did the usual checking of emails etc and then took a look at the site where my stuff had been posted. Facebook had been of no help at all, and I had no real hope for this other site helping either. BUT, all (but one message) of my stuff had been removed! The photo; gone, the comment to a good friend; gone, in fact the WHOLE thread this person had started around that comment, GONE!  Hurrah! What is left up there is the message I sent to this person, about a matter he tackled me about on FB, and I’m quite happy for it to stay there too. I intend to send this person a message via this forum about the whole sordid thing. Not to re-enflame the situation, but simply to let them know what I’VE done to counteract their theft of my words. Who knows who else they might steal from… and that will be the end of it.

Oh! and on a final note the forum has highlighted, in red, the statement everyone has to agree to when signing up, that nothing may be posted to the forum without the copyright holders permission.



2 thoughts on “The Time of Misrule…

  1. Thank you Seshat, that means allot to me, knowing I have your support.

    Worse thing is I don’t think any thing can be done. FB don’t seem to be interested and the site my stuff has been posted on still haven’t got back to me! Looks like I AM going to have to take things into my own hands; so much for appealing to the ‘big guys’! Sheeesh!!!!

    Much love and Yuletide Blessings to you and yours too.

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