The Quickening!

Well the year is a quickening and I can feel it in my bones already!


The day is bright and full of energy and the sun’s heat, is already a little stronger and the days longer!  

A light breeze blows away the dross of the last few days of panic en mass out there in the world of muggledom, and that world now returns to a more staid pace? What would have been a pause, a catching of breath, a time of family togetherness, before the next round of celebration for the new year began, in times past, now there’s the Boxing day sales, where you can go and see what you’ve just bought loved ones for Xmas, now at half price!!!


The New Year has already begun for some of us who follow the Old Ways, no matter what path we may chose to walk. Some see All Hallows/Samhuin as the Celtic New Year, but for me the Solstice Dawn heralded the New Year and it is a waxing strongly now, with the days lengthening out before us. Candlemas is just a few weeks away, and beyond that in the far distant future, the Summer Solstice, when the year will once again turn and wane, ’till the Midwinter. What the time in between will bring is up to us. Some things can clearly seen and planed for; others are hidden behind the veil. But here, plans for the coming year are afoot, as I appraise the past twelve months or so!

The Yahoo mailing list I created is nearly a year old and in that year much has been birthed, and indeed, hived from it! Powyspagans now has a monthly Walking Moot, and we have visited many wonderful Sacred Sites this last year; mostly in the rain, I admit, but even the weather has not put fellow pagans off from joining in! New friendships have been forged, both on and off list. New groups and new moots. The growth continues with a south Powyspagans Walking Moot hiving off and beginning in Febuary ’09.

My new home and garden have nourished me both spiritually and physically, presenting many challenges and successes. Yesterday I feasted off produce grown magicakly by my own hand. With the helps of my Beloved, we have created a wonderful organic garden, full of life and promise yet to come. Herbs and veg abound. Even the Mandrake has lifted his sleepy head to see the Return.

The year has seen the Coven grow and evolve, and as Magistra, I feel great hope for the future. The depth at which we have worked is amazing and this is of course down to the individuals involved and the fertile energies, we as a whole create, as well as our Ancient Parents who watch over us, guiding us as we grow towards our ultimate destiny.

And the successful growth continues: this year I not only celebrate the Coming of The Light and the birth of my Child, (29 years ago on the 25th), the many successes of Powyspagans, and it’s members, but the arrival of The Spicy Cauldron Award, for my piece Sleeper Awake. My first award for this blog!

So as the Light shines brighter, and the Year Turns, I raise a glass to you all, my Gods, my family, my coven, my friends, my readers, to all of you who have inspired and believed in me to become more than I am, to put down my roots and GROW; to you all I say thank you to you all and WASSAIL!!!!


© Cymraes 2008


6 thoughts on “The Quickening!

  1. ‘Ello Mary in Africa!

    Nice to ‘meet’ you too in this virtual world of words! I shall pop over to your blog for a little sun-it’s currently freezing fog here! So could do with a warm….

    Looking forward to reading you too as the year waxes,

    Blessings to you on this Foggy Wodens-day!

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