Out with the Old and in with the New.

Today I have begun a new phase in my life. 

The seed was planted at the Dark Time and has been Germinating, as the energies of the Pale Maid have been waxing and now is the day the Seedling reaches for the Light for the first. 

My intentions are good, and achievable. This is important to me, for I do not wish to set myself unrealistic goals, in fact there are no goals set, come to think of it. Just beginnings and do-ings. The out come will be more and yet less. What does not serve me will be discarded; what does will be refined and honed to perfection. Nature abhors a vacuum, so what is no longer needed will be replaced with the New.

I expect the challenges will be many and I pray to my Ancient Parents, I have the experience to recognise them, and move around them with ease… we will see! 

While part of me wishes to be completely open, and tell all, the Wise Old Crone that lurks inside, tells me this will not be possible. Much of what I will be working with is Under The Rose and cannot be shared. But I can speak (and write) about my process, and this is what I will share with you, dear reader, both as a record of that process and (hopefully) as inspiration for others to pick up the sharp Sword of Development on a Personal, Spiritual, Physical, and Magickal Level.

So where does it begin?

I have begun with the basics of Personal Psychic Protection, at the Turning of the Daily Tides. Thus the aura will be cleansed and the energies raised and strengthened. During this process I will be watching, analysing and recording my progress. This Daily Ritual will set the tone for the future development of the Process of Change. A Deepening of a kind that can only be experienced, for it is on a Soul level; not easily explained with words, it HAS to be experienced at that Level. Those of you who have achieved this will Know; those of you who have not will Know when it is achieved. More than that I cannot say, for there are no words I know of that can describe it! 

I am full of fear, and yet quietly excited. 

Part of my World will be gone,  but I will gain much more than I lose.

I am show the Fool, in my minds eye, starting out full of enthusiasm… unlike him, I’m looking where I’m going, I hope… 

For I have taken the first step into the Dark reaches of my Soul, looking for the Light that shines within us all.

It has begun…


One thought on “Out with the Old and in with the New.

  1. Wonderful trepidation before the journey! I salute you fellow traveller 🙂
    My New Year’s ritual was entirely about rooting out the old unnecessaries allowing room for the new. How can we open our hand to accept the new if we are still holding onto the past and things that no longer benefit us?
    Blessings on all your endeavours.

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