|><| Conjunctio.

The sun has just set; night is falling, it is twilight time.

The time between the day and night, echoed in the geomantic figure of Conjunctio where two points meet, but it is not the meeting that is important, but that place between, that is no-where.

This is the no-time-of-light, when it is not day nor night.

A time of magick.

A time for magick.

The Sun set at 16:06 today, according to my diary, it is now 16:13 as I write.

Last night Jack Frost did a good job; -12 here where I live with only a woodburner to keep me warm.

In here now it’s a good 25 degrees.

I love this time of the day/night/year.

For me this is simply magick!

The frost, the cold, this is how winters used to be before global warming turned our seasons upside down and Mother Nature became all confused with it all! 

I wandered around my sleeping garden earlier today; there broad beans, planted during the new moon in November recently germinated during the warm spell at Yule. They now peep above the frozen ground and are frozen, but not frosted. I will have to wait for the thaw to see how they will fare… it is as though life has stood still in the garden. Only the birds come to feed on the nuts and scraps put out for them. I was reminded of the winter of 1962/3 when birds were dying on the wing it was sooo cold for so long! The thought drifts into the spell I wove around the birds many years ago; charming them with food to carry my spell high into the air… and of the success it bought my way.

We as humans, have forgotten our connection with nature, some times I think we humans forget we are part of nature! I see people trying to be apart from her, trying to control her, and shake my head.

Tomorrow, Monday, it seems the world will return to normal hours, if I may say that. The ‘holiday’ of Yule/Christmas/New Year will be over and for the majority out there, it’s back to normal-what ever that may be, for the definition differs with us all… and tomorrow is another day.

I look out of the window, into the increasing dark, and see clouds drifting in from the NE, snow perhaps. In my world, here on the Welshmarches, all is well. I am warm and well fed, and feel the Magick of every passing day. 

What more could I want… now it is time to give thanks to those who are my Ancient Parents, and to my Grandfather who put me on this path, and who first taught me the knowledge of the twilight, the time when the veil thins.

For I am a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars*… as are we all, if we but knew it.

©Cymraes2009  *with apologies to Desiderata!


3 thoughts on “|><| Conjunctio.

  1. In this corner of the Welsh Marches I woke to snow. A covering, nothing much but the most we have had so far.

    Yes, back to normal today, although I didn’t get much of a break over the “holiday” period; I will now just have more phonecalls and emails to interrupt my work.

    I need to spend more time in Nature; this is one of my weak areas. My job dictates I spend most of every day in front of the computer. By the time work has finished I am often too tired to step outside my door. A poor excuse, and something I am working on with walks down to the river, across the castle green, around the pond. I am lucky to live in a rural town.

  2. I think we ALL need to spend more time in nature, me included. I lived for a while in a flat with out a garden and suffered severe withdrawal symptoms! In that time I began to slide into my muggle phase, but thats another story… for me now, I live as close to nature as I can, when I can. Nothing quite like washing in a cold stream, or walking barefoot on the grass to become earthed.

    Your walks sound wonderful-the best of both worlds I think! *:^) I love historic towns with rivers, castles and beautiful old places and buildings! There seems to be a connection with the past which can be plugged in to, so that the fast pace of modern life slows, becomes distant and less important, cares fade away, at least they do for me. I can ‘loose’ myself in such places, but rarely get lost!

    The sun is shining here, as I write, and although it’s warmer, under foot it’s still frozen. The hills have lost their dusting of snow, and the birds still feed like things gone crazy; I think they may know there is still more cold weather to come. Now I shall be watching for those tell tale signs of Candlemass, the Snowdrops! It wont be long till we see them now!

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