A new path begins.

Every thing waxes and wanes, as we well know; the Moon in her glory, the year in it’s seasons; life, in the ages of Man and it would seem Seekers of the Old Ways.

I am not the only one who has noticed a sudden influx of young (and not so young) people becoming seriously interested in what I call the Mysteries. While I’m not going to discuss ‘boxes’ in this blog, I am aware we all name our calling accordingly. The new Seeker, while still searching for what their calling is, I will term what it is they seek The Mysteries, for that is indeed what it is.

During a conversation with a friend of mine, we both admitted to each other how, we at our certain age, felt a great responsibility towards these young folk who have appeared, quiet quickly, on the scene.

With that in mind, this young *Crone* (I steadfastly refuse to grow old, wise yes, but old no) has decided to write a series of blogs/articles aimed at the new seeker. Hopefully, to help them on their way to finding their path… I will draw on my experiences and the lessons life has taught me, but more than this, I am a practical person and love to teach, hands on and with writing.

So a bit more practical stuff will appear here in due course, with the new seeker in mind. I’m excited about this project, as it will consolidate my knowledge too.

But where to start?

On this I have given much thought… and been undecided! In truth, I did not need to *think*! I already know the place to begin, in fact I have already begun, did I but know it… with Sleeper Wake!


2 thoughts on “A new path begins.

  1. Thank you; I look forward to the writing too! *:^)x

    What would like to read about? I’m open to suggestions, if you have any!

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