Basic Psychic Protection: The Aura

The Arte of Psychic Protection is an ongoing practise for me, and imho, a must for any follower of the Mysteries to use. It is the only thing I insist on doing; any thing else is up to the student of the Arte, but this. As with all things tho’ I suggest starting off with easy steps, baby steps if you will, for even we students of the Mysteries, must learn to walk before we can run. Once we have become good at something, we can then look to deepening our practise, and this will take time, of course.

Ok, rant over! <smile> On with the theory!

As the Student develops, so their energy changes. We are all fluid and ever changing, but when we start to follow our Path, study, learn and then, put that learning into practise, we raise our vibrations. All matter vibrates at a different rate. This is why sound healing is so affective; it heals on a very deep level, and it is this level which changes first as we begin to walk our Path. Around us, that deep level change is subtle. It shows in our aura’s, and it is this aura that needs to be protected, so that we keep our own energy for ourselves. Believe me, there are many people around who would steal your energy off you, either by accident or on purpose. Have you ever been in the company of a person, maybe a friend or family member, and felt drained to exhaustion when you leave them?  Yes? Then they have stolen your energy, usually, unconsciously. I have seen this happen many times; the energy thieves have been totally unaware of what they have done. It happened quite naturally. You might be aware of other instances when this happens too. Ever walked down the street only to have people bump into you, literally, one after the other? How did you feel? I know I felt annoyed and angry, when it happened. Expending that energy left me feeling drained, a little spaced out and dizzy too. Even in the presence of some of my Spiritual friends, I can feel drained.  It happens. It’s a sad fact.

So what do you do?

The place to start is with the aura. The aura is the energy field that surrounds us. While it is invisible, some sensitive’s can see auras, some sense them and kirlian photography captures them  in all their beauty. If we rub our hands together quickly, we will not only generate heat, but if you pull your hands slowly appart you will feel your aura, as a slight resistance between your hands when you move them apart and back together again. Try it, see if it works.

There are different layers to the aura as well, but for now we are concerned with the outer layer. When this outer layer is reenforced with a psychic plating, nothing negative can get in, nor can your energy be stolen. To do this we need to be aware of the Universe. Within it is an abundance of Universal Energy. Some know it as chi, ki, and so on. But for me, it is the Great Divine Light; the Universal Energy, and it is available to us all. We will bring this Light down to strengthen our auras. Don’t worry about the colour, that  will be up to you, but for now I suggest you use silver or gold. More on this later. As the Light covers your aura, the intent is set. I suggest you say silently or aloud something like, “May I be protected from all negativity, and that only good, may here, enter in” Intend is important. If you don’t let good in, there will be no flow-give and take. By using this general intent, you are allowing a flow to take place.

Now to the practical.

So, switch off your phone, find a place where you will not be disturbed and sit quietly, close your eyes, turn your attention to your breathing, and when you feel relaxed, imagine above your head  the Universe and the bright Light within it. See this Light gather above your head, in a sphere, and bring it down over your aura in a column of bright Light, covering your aura, so that you are completely surrounded by this Light, resting on the edge of your aura, see it sealed all around you-no gaps. As this is now done, set you intent, that you are protected from negativity but good may enter in. Now, turn your attention to how you feel. Depending on how sensitive you are, you may, or may not notice a difference. Sit with it for as long as you want. Then bring your attention to your hands and feet, wiggle them a little and slowly come back into the room, hear the noises around you and open you eyes. Have some thing to eat and/or drink to ground you, and if you still feel spaced out, imagine some roots growing from your feet to earth you in reality.

I suggest you do this twice a day at first, in the morning and evening. Why? Well, to get you into the habit of putting your shields up, for one thing and because dawn and dusk are magickal tides as I’ve said here. But in reality, we do as much as we can, and if you can only do this once a day or week then so be it. BUT, with practise, you will find this becomes automatic and you will be able to strengthen you aura with just a few key words, such as “I am protected” or “Shields up!”

The plus side is you will, I can assure you feel/sense/see/know a difference, by using this very basic technique. There are others, and I shall be sharing these with you in the course of time, but for now, this is a very good place to start with.

After working with this for a while, begin to experiment with colours. One friend of mine who I taught this technique to has a beautiful blue protective sheath around him, which is so wonderful. He found it quite quickly, but then you may too. Always bring your attention back to how you feel. That is the key. I use a certain colour to block EVERYTHING out. When I found it for the first time, I felt very unsettled. Confused, I sat with it for a while, and slowly realised I was alone! Totally, alone. No psych messages, no outside influences, nothing, just me and my thoughts and this uneasy feeling! I then realised that this was probably the first time in my life I had felt this; no wonder I feel uneasy!!! I now use this certain colour when I wish to be totally isolated and alone. Blissful if I’m sleeping in a haunted house!

To finish, I suggest you record this technique and your progress in a diary. Writing grounds thoughts, bringing them into manifestation in this world, on a magickal level; on a practical level, you can look back and see your progress, and thus build on your protection technique accordingly.

I’m quite willing to open up a discussion here, so if you have any questions, this is the place to ask. Oh and I’d LOVE to know how you get on with it, though don’t give away any secrets, such things as colours are best kept to yourself!


10 thoughts on “Basic Psychic Protection: The Aura

  1. I can really ientify with this, especially the auric awareness.
    While doing a vipassana retreat I was introduced to a way of meditating that focused on ‘bare breathing’, just paying attention to the breath at the point where it leaves the nostrils — this is excellent preparation for moving onto an awareness of light streaming around and through the body/psyche, and the subtler energies often manifesting as colours or fragrance or a tingling or sound vibration.

    Marya of African Alchemy

  2. I agree totally, Marya, awareness of the breath can be so enlightening.

    When I used to do Hatha Yoga, way back in the 70’s, we used to spend allot of time on our breath, becoming aware of how we breathed and going on to develop full belly breathing. Wonderfully energising.

    I would recommend Yoga to anyone on the Path. I do do a little every now and then myself, and know it can have a profound effect on the psyche as well as the body.

    I must get myself back into a gentle routine I think…! *:^)

  3. Hi hun, long time since ive been here, sorry. After your e-mail i thought i would come over for a recap! I hope you dont mind, but i jotted this down to help me practice and remind me! Lol. Look forward to the next instalment. 🙂

  4. Love this!!! Our tutor did an excercise in college last week exactly as you said above, to relax breath deeply and slowly put your hands togeather and apart, the energy we could all feel and it was boss, she described it as our energy source, our ‘chi’ as you have said above 😀 x

    Your a lovely lady, and a very wise too and Im glad that your my friend x

  5. Aw Bless you! 🙂 Thanx – as it happens I’m glad your my friends to 😀

    Our energy field has many names, chi, prana, live force – I’m sure there’s many more too, but they escape me for now! Some lucky people see them – I sense them but rarely ‘see’ them BUT at the GG 2010 in Clun the other week, I clearly saw one of the speakers aura! He was against a while background and it was light blue – I was fascinated (and a tad surprised I can tell you) with it – it was clear around his head so much so that I could follow it as he moved. Interestingly, it changed size on one side when he thought and shrank the other! It did the same on the opposite side when he spoke too… I never knew – never EXPECTED to see one, let alone see the energy change so!

    Just goes to show, we never stop learning or developing eh?

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