Astrology: Mercury.


Note: I am a student of the astrological arts; my knowledge is limited but growing. As one of my teachers is oft to say, learning such a complex subject is “like eating an elephant!” I am eating mine with a teaspoon… would you like a taste? Then good people, read on…

Mercury is the planet of communication and messages; travellers and travel; commerce and trading; thieves and cunning. He rules every thing to do with these aspects, including the mind. He governs the written word; the spoken word; thoughts, both spoken and unspoken; the internet; transport, including public and private cars; the list goes on.

A small planet closest to the Sun, Mercury is very rarely visible in the night sky. Taking about the same time as the Sun to travel around the Earth. In horoscopes he is usually (but not always) found in the same sign as the Sun.

Mercury rules the Sunsigns of Gemini and Virgo. Where ever he lies in a chart is how the person thinks and uses their mind.

His metal is quicksilver, that strange liquid metal that cannot be held, is hard to part, yet quick to regroup. It is also highly poisonous, (I believe the fumes) so don’t play with it!

His day of the week is Wednesday-a good day for communications, writing, travel. Interestingly, the weekly Smithfield and market in Oswestry, a small town on the Welshmarches has been held on a Wednesday for hundreds of years. If you can conjure up a busy market day, with people travelling to buy and sell their wares of all kinds, and the energies expended, you will have a flavour of Mercury.

In Greek mythology , Mercury was Hermes the Winged Messenger of the Gods. With wings on his heels and his gold helmet, he was also adopted by Interflora as their insignia. Perhaps to ensure quick delivery of their flowers.


Mercury’s retrograde periods for 2009 are:

12th January (Aquarius) -1st February (Capricorn)

8th May (Gemini) – 30th May (Taurus)

8th September (Libra) – 29th September (Virgo)

27th December (Capricorn) -15th January 2010 (Capricorn).

At this time of writing, as Mercury is retrograde, my writings (amongst other things) are affected. 😦 Mercury is also my ruling planet, so I find these periods challenging but not impossible. (Read more about these retrograde periods and how to plan for them here.)



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