Note: I am a student of the astrological arts; my knowledge is limited but growing. As one of my teachers is oft to say, learning such a complex subject is “like eating an elephant!” I am eating mine with a teaspoon… would you like a taste? Then good people, read on…

From the Latin Retrogradus-to go backwards, this term is applied to any planet when they appear to standstill in the sky and reverse their path in the heavens. This of course is an impossibility.

The Parkers, Julia and Derek, in their book “The Complete Astrologer” tell us, “Retrograde motion takes place when an inferior(faster) planet overtakes the Earth, or when a superior (slower) planet is overtaken by the swifter-moving Earth.” 

When any planet goes Retrograde, delays, recurrences, sudden unexpected events, an intensity of events, even returns to past events can and do happen. In these periods events may become more dramatic and unexpected; in short events are in reverse.

However, in all of this gloom, there is a light of hope. Knowing when these periods are likely to occur can forearm the wise and help to draw up a plan of action. Let me explain further.

As I write Mercury is retrograde, hindering all he rules; writing being one. Knowing this, I may decide to cease writing on my blog, as I find words do not come easily to me during this period. Or, I can use this knowledge to actually  face the problem I have with the flow of words and writing in general, thus smoothing the way forward in the future. Utilising the problems that will occur and learning from my mistakes; experience being the greatest of teachers! 🙂

So retrograde periods can become, with careful planning, a source of learning and self-awareness, rather than periods of unexpected happenings, reoccurences and general chaos!

Be wise; plan ahead!



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