So tell me, how’re you doin’?

I’ve had a Mercury obsessed day; researching, writing and wondering how every one is doing in this, the first of four retrograde periods of 2009!

I’m not doing so well in certain areas; pretty damn average in others!

Not one but two punctures as Mercury went retrograde meant I was lucky NOT to be driving the car at the time! A more capable beloved was at the wheel that day, and thankfully will be putting me thro’ my wheel changing challenge in time for the next retrograde phase. I had a flat myself last year in a retrograde phase y’see. The first in 36 years of driving too! Luckily, a handsome young man came to my rescue, and changed said flat tyre for me. I am not taking any chances this year tho and intend to become proficient  at changing wheels no matter how hard it is, just incase!!!!

So that’s were Mercury affected travelling!

He’s also hit me, personally, with communications! 

I’m finding it very hard to write. Wrods (see) do not flow. In fact they stick in my keyboard as they do in my throat! But, today I have persevered; my spell checker working over time as my fingers tap out a load of ole garbage spelt like only I can spell in my haste to get them damned words out while the limited flow is a-flowing! <deep in take of breath> My spelling used to be quite good btw, until I started to learn Welsh back in ’91! I don’t know exactly what happened but my spelling went out of the window, and I still can’t speak that much Welsh either-but at least I can spell it! <Chuckle>

So I have come up with a cunning plan (Mercury also rules cunning…did you know that, I didn’t ’till today) that does not involve a turnip or even a swede, but does involve planning ahead, and being self-aware. 

Rather than holding my head in my hands in despair and blaming Ole Mercury for the problems I find befalling me during him going (seemingly) backwards in the sky, I’m going to note what befalls me and take it as a sign that this, what ever it may be, needs looking at, working on, improving, refining and honing, and thus avoiding next time round. Hopefully!

This has been the eureka moment of my combined research today; Mercury in retrograde causes repeat events to return again and again until they are sorted my son!

So I’m going to learn how to change that puncture; wirte that novel; say difficult things with kindness and compassion; and get things done with a little forward planning!

That is if Mercury releases his backward hold on my mind functions! Doh!



6 thoughts on “So tell me, how’re you doin’?

  1. My dear, how can you say your writing is affected when you have produced three such well-written and fascinating articles on Mercury?!! You may feel you struggle, but the outcome is great from where I’m sitting 🙂
    Thanks for the information. Do you mind if I save what you have written? I am going to start up an astology folder and I would like to add your articles as reference material.

  2. Very amusing post Cymraes and quite accurate — I seem to be charging off along deadends each day and getting nowhere!

    But sooner or later there is always a breakthrough. Keep writing.


    Mary in Africa

  3. Seshat: thank you-it was a bit of a struggle but one I enjoyed and over came in the end! 🙂

    Save away m’dear! With any luck I’ll be posting more astrology stuff here soon. My approach to study is a tad hap-hazard; I tend to research and learn what grabs my attention, so nothing will appear in an orderly fashion! I blame Mercury for that too 😉 my mind can be far too Mercurial flitting from this to that in the blink of an eye!!!

    Have a good Venus’-day!


  4. Mary, I was being SERIOUS… 😉 well about 1/10 of the time…!!! LOL!

    Glad you enjoyed it and of course you are quite right-there will always be a break through if we keep on battering that door down! So I’m going to keep on going!

    I just hope Loki wasn’t listening about the flat tyres….

    Hugs to you too from the rather cold & windy Welshmarches,


  5. Hi Hun. Well..i have been following your guidance for the past week or so. When i do it my ears feel funny, like they blocked a little (or in a bubble!), i know then that i done it right. I have felt a bit more at peace with myself lately, went to careers guidance today and got some positive feedback on pursuing new career. On the home front me and my other half had had a fight (he’s a taurean and will rather suffer in silence than talk to me) really infuriating. Oh, and our dog is struggling to walk (old age catching up i think). So thats how i am, gosh what a rant, sorry! Hope you are well. xxxx

  6. Sarah, sorry to hear you’ve had a spat-grumbly relationships are our mate Mercury’s influence; communication of ANY sort, including lovey-dovey pillow talk and full blown arguments is hindered now. Speaking clearly and making sure we’ve been heard is perhaps the best way forward or perhaps backward speak would work…hm.

    Yes I’m well thank you. Btw, nice to ‘see’ you here. 🙂

    TC xxx

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