‘Our Kate.’

The other night I was browsing thro’ YouTube and came across this video of Kate Bush (who is surely one of our own?). I was stunned, truely stunned! I’d always wondered were the inspiration came from. Now I know! I’d seen the very same old B&W film as a teenager and I must say, it opened my eyes allot. I always rooted for the Mummy, even in the modern Hollywood blockbusters starting ole George of the Jungle. I’m just that kinda gal! I see beyond the norm. Any how, I digress. This film, had made me think about accidents and wars, pestilence and plague and for a while I went round seeing the world and those in it, including myself and my nearest and dearest, with a totally different out look. I was into the Greek Gods at the time, and could see how we actually could be the playthings of those Gods! To find it here, married to Kate Bush, has struck me right in between the eyes again!

Guess what? I blame Mercury! Remember what I said about events coming round again when they need looking at…. maybe I need to find the film and watch it again. Maybe (and more likely I think) I need to look at how disasters etc actually happen; divine providence and all that! What ever, there is a message there somewhere for me. In the meantime, enjoy this treat I’m sharing with you.

I just can’t get enough of it!

I’m run-run-run-runing-running with the hounds of love in the trees with the demon of the night!

BTW I just love the bit when she lays a spell on him…




From YouTube about the video:

“Elements of this 1957 movie (called Curse of the Demon in the US) inspired Kate Bush in the writing of her songs “Hounds of Love,” “The Red Shoes” and her short film, The Line, The Cross & The Curve. In this mash-up mini movie/music vid, Kate does battle with the conjurer Karswell…and the evil thing he’s conjured too!

Sorry some of the dialog is so low…I will try and fix that for a future posting, but wanted to get this out in time for the appropriate holiday. Enjoy, Lovehounds and Fancies alike…Happy Halloween!

From Robb McCaffree & Bryan Harrison.”

Well done boys!

8 thoughts on “‘Our Kate.’

  1. Yeah, Sarah, I seem to remember it was one of those films that were very good for the time; it would make a very good occult thriller if it was re-done, but in the same period I think. I love the interior shot when the old dear raises her finger and says, “You have been chosen!” I wonder if it’s still available on DVD/VHS… hm. I feel a googling coming on! Oo er Mrss! 😉

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