Update on the Esoteric Conference and Occult Book Fair 2009

An update on what is  probably THE best Occult conference in the country!

The line up of speakers guarantees a most interesting day, and I’ve just heard a whisper that yet another very well know Occult author will be speaking! Yet to be confirmed, but I will update this page as soon as it has!

I can now confirm Stephen Skinner, renowned Occult author will be the sixth speaker at the conference this year!

Libra-Aries books have also just been added to the list of book sellers too. So things are looking good folks! Roll on May! 😀

Esoteric Conference and Occult Book Fair, which will be held at the Assembly Rooms, Ludlow, Shropshire, on Saturday, 30th May 2009, 11am to 6pm.

Please note that tickets are not for sale ONLINE (nor will they be) and will only be available from the address below.

Speakers are:~

  • Stephen Skinner… The Key of Solomon.
  • Nigel Pennick… Runes and Magic.
  • Sorita D’Este… Gerald Gardner and the Book of Shadows.
  • David Rankine… Demonology and the Grimiore Tradition
  • Geraldine Beskine… Progradier and the Beast.
  • Philip Heslton… Mothers of Wicca.

Occult Book Sellers (new and second hand) will be:~


  • Atlantis Books.
  • Midian Books.
  • Labyrinth Books, Glastonbury.
  • Les Bower Books.
  • Libra-Aries Books.

Some speakers will also be selling their books as well.


Occult magazines:~


  • White Dragon.
  • Hedge Wytch.
  • Pentacle.


Tickets are £15 each available from:

P.O. Box 82,

Craven Arms,



Cheques payable to Verdelet please.

FFI email the online conference co-ordinator at: keltsrus@hotmail.com


4 thoughts on “Update on the Esoteric Conference and Occult Book Fair 2009

  1. Well Met Lee! 🙂

    Y’know I’ve heard the conference referred to as a grown up event more than once on the tinternet and it is true…! Why not head over to the new official conference site (link on the blogroll) where a new article on how it all started has been posted.

    Hopefully, we’ll see each other there. 🙂

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