Pixies at the bottom of my garden?!!!

I woke to a misty day, the hills beyond the flat river valley shrouded from view. Outside it was grey, but still. After the wind and rain of the latter part of last week and the weekend it was blissfully quiet in the calm air. As the day went by the mist cleared and around mid-afternoon the sun came out!

So I donned my gardening togs and went out into the garden for the first time this year.

The frosts had left their mark on some of the plants, but I don’t think I’ve lost that much.Most of the garden is given over to growing <bursts into song here> food, glorious food…! Ahem… with a few flowers here and there, and allot of herbs-me being a magickal herbalist ‘n’ all, not to mention the Alchemy I dabble in.

The onions and garlic, (planted on the waning moon on a Tuesday last year) are looking good, and I noticed a few garlic that had ‘got away’ in the old patch, now growing nicely. I made a mental note to transplant them after the full moon. Plants that fruit under the ground are best planted and moved then y’see. Anything that flowers or fruits above the ground are under the dominion of the new to full moon.

In keeping with the new moon, I noticed both sets of chives are up too. The chives given to me by my dear friend Margaret in Orkney are about 2″ high! The garlic chives, less hardy and vigourous are only just peeping through the soil. I’m looking forward to harvesting them for boiled egg butties very soon! Yum! 🙂

My tree onions have been got at! By what I’m not sure-slugs maybe? Do they like onions? I’m not sure, but we had so many last year it was a loosing battle and I lost several courgette plants to the nasty little so-an-soh’s! So I will have to keep an eye on them and possibly give them a feed of porridge oats-the slugs sorry, not the tree onions. 🙂

The parsnips are still doing well and it will soon be time to plant the next lot! The leeks are fabulous and not running to flower just yet. I may let a few actually go to flower as they are so beautiful. We’ll see. 

I’m not going to grow french parsley again. It hasn’t stood the frosts, and I’m kicking my self that I never got round to making parsley wine with it. I probably had enough to make several gallons and it is such a beautiful wine. My Grandmother used to grow masses of parsley just for wine… hm… so perhaps I will sow some french parsley again, and do as she did. It’s allot more vigorous that the curly parsley, which is very hardly. I weeded that patch today as well as the kale, which I didn’t expect to last the winter at all! It was sown in one of these salad mixes and I’m very surprised!

So I tidied and weeded and pottered about. Sad that the Rue looks so poorly, but the balm is up and so is the marjoram! I checked on my lovely bush of rare variegated rosemary, and her friend wise old sage, both have come tho’ minus 10C of frost very well, as has the two thymes and the other sage, my rosemary cuttings, but it’s a bit early to tell about the fennel yet-but all the mints have done well! AND the little Mandrake is up and looking good! Reminds me, it will soon be time to go digging mandrakes in the woods! That will be fun!

It’s been a wonderful few hours, greeting my old friends after the winter. I have one solitary snowdrop out, but others will follow. I like to think that they only grow where the Goddess walks!

Soon the hedgerow will be full of them up and down the lane and here in the garden. I’m truely blessed to have such a garden-with the help of my beloved, who designed and made the raised beds and did all the hard work, digging etc, it is a wonderful place to be!

I’m going to have a little glass of runner bean sherry now, and yes you guessed, grown and made by me, with a little help from a grumpy pixie and Bacchus, of course!


Roll on the Summer!


4 thoughts on “Pixies at the bottom of my garden?!!!

  1. And I love to read this when my garden is blasted by heat and drought, heading into the hottest and windiest month of the year.

    Herbs love good drainage so give the parsley plenty of grit and some river or beach sand.

    xxMary in love with Wales

  2. Our local church, St Michael’s and all Angels have got loads of snowdrops lining the path, keep forgetting to take a picture. xx

  3. Sounds deliciously beautiful Sarah! Must look stunning in all this snow, and I do like a good St Michaels Church. (There is a wonderful one at Llanyblodwell, Nr Oswestry.) Why not give us a treat and take a picture – then pop it on to the photo section of Powys Pagans? xxx

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