Another Update on the Esoteric Conference and Book Fair!

Great news! 😀

The renowned author, lecturer and publisher, Stephen Skinner will be speaking at the Esoteric Conference & Book Fair in Ludlow, Shropshire this May! His talk will be on The Key of Solomon.

The addition of Stephen Skinner (co-author of  ‘The Veritable Key of Solomon’ with  David Rankine, [who is also speaking at the conference, on Demonology and the Grimiore Tradition]) to the conference line up will make this years conference excellent value for your money; six speakers all for the price of just £15! Plus the Book Fair, (admission: free) makes for (probably) the best Esoteric Conference in the country!



8 thoughts on “Another Update on the Esoteric Conference and Book Fair!

  1. I am very much looking forward to this event next weekend. Having both the authors of the Veritable Key of Solomon, and Sorita d’Este who co-writes with David at one event is going to be amazing. I hope that they have breaks between talks so that there is time to talk to the authors.

  2. Yes there will be brakes, well at least there usually are, but with an extra speaker this year I dare say things will be a little more exciting than usual – people are given time to browse the book fair too – which is held in a different room, but on the same floor and to be truthful I don’t know which I’m looking forward to most; the books or speakers…. 🙂

    It’s going to be a wonderful day for all of us!


  3. Well as long as I get to see Sorita, David and Stephen my year will be perfect! I recently read Sorita and David’s book Wicca Magickal Beginnings and I think its the best thing ever to be written on Wicca, though I am sure it must be controversial amongst some who would rather such information be supressed! The Veritable Key of Solomon is probably the most important occult work to be published in the last hundred years and Techniques of High Magic probably one of the most influential on modern magic. So if you are the organisor of this event, thank you, pure genius for putting these three up at the same event!

  4. Sadly I am not the organizer – or should that be thankfully… 😉

    I just do the online stuff.

    If you’d like to know more about the conferences origins, there is a post by the organizer here—>

    And I agree – he has out done himself this year; the line up is superb!

    I do believe Sorita and David will also be selling books, including their new one on Hecate;

    See you there!

  5. A short note to say thank you to you and the organisors for an excellent event. I loved all the talks, though sadly missed part of Philip Heselton’s in the morning. Sorita was wonderful, it was great to hear her speak again, I found Nigel Pennick’s lecture to be very interetsing and informative, Geraldine Beskin spoke on a subject I never heard of before so that was interesting, David was fantastic and very very thought provoking and it was a priviledge to see and hear Stephen Skinner speak in person and to meet him briefly.

    I ended up spending a lot of money on books, including a few from Avalonia books I had not yet added to my nearly complete collection, as well as a couple of beautiful items from the secondhand stalls!

    Thank you thank you thank you and please convince the organisors to do another one of these!

  6. Igos7 – I will do my best (as I suspect will others…) to try and convince Gary to hold another, but as he said on the day, this was probably the best one (did he say so far tho’…?) :o)

    Sortia and David’s talks I thought excellent and thought provoking; I expect many people (like me) headed home to cogitate on their words of wisdom.

    Geraldine always delivers a good talk, and did we need those slides? No: her descriptions were far more interesting and told us far more than the absent photo’s could of. I know Crowley is much maligned, and in some instances quite rightly too, but here was the proof his methods did work.

    Yes I spent a bit on the books too – far too many temptations there so I had to given in this once; now I just have to find space for them!

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, as I did, here’s to next year…..? I’ll keep folk posted on that one…..

  7. No I doubt it! Geraldine is amazing, I love their Atlantis Bookshop in London and am always recommending it. any news on next year then?

    1. No, none other than the firm but gentle reminder from Gary that this was the last one – he seems quiet resigned to it, so there we are… 😦

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