Retail Heaven collapses.

She twisted around on her feet, first this way and then that, “This is Pride Hill!” she exclaimed in surprise and confusion! There was no doubt, there where the seats and the shops, Butchers Row behind her, the market clock towards the bottom of the hill and Barclays Bank to the top – beyond that Marks & Sparks, and further down Woolworths, or at least it had been before the Credit Crunch!


Shrewsbury Alley
Shrewsbury Alley (Photo credit: Michael D Beckwith)


Yes, this was Pride Hill on a gloomy cold damp winters day, people milling about, rushing into shops, here and there, stopping occasionally to talk, the Big Issue seller calling out their ware, the people walking by without a bye or leave…


I’m here on the Astral, she thought, aware that she was in meditation. But why Pride Hill of all places?


The Presence by her side, just out of her clear sight, grew in her awareness; she had almost forgotten about him in her surprise at being there. Something within shifted and slowly she saw not just busy shoppers rushing up and down Pride Hill, but grey featureless figures. Grey Souls as she had come to know them in their former meetings. The folk of every day life, lost on the seas with out any Divinity to call on; too busy, too caught up in the delusion that ‘this is all there is’! Nothing to brighten them, just greyness. Grey lives; grey souls.


Look closer… the Presence thoughts in hers.


She looked at the greys closer, now becoming ever so slightly clear to her were their  faces. A man with a scarf wrapped around his neck, tucked into his coat, eyes cast down as her walked by her astral form, came very close, and she saw it in him, and then another and another!


“Their third eyes are closed!” she breathed, “All of them!”


Spinning around she ran amongst them, looking into their grey faces in disbelief, now she could see why they so steadfastly stayed on their course, refusing to believe in any form or kind of God, Gods, Goddess’s or any spirituality; they couldn’t they couldn’t they couldn’t… their third eyes were closed!


The reality washed over her and she felt lost, exhausted and bereft at the hopelessness of it all. She collapsed to her haunches watching, her astral breath coming in short gasps. It was hopeless… they could not see beyond the norm!


The Presence moved a little closer, seemed to become more intense and her attention was taken by bright colour moving amongst the Greys. A Bright Soul, moved towards them, and another, and another, she got to her feet and moved with the Presence to the side of Butchers Row, as an explanation filled her head.


There are many many more Bright Souls now, more than at any other time. Mankind is at a pivotal point in time, and there are yet more Brights to come.


“But how, if the Greys are so closed and unseeing?”


Look… a spindly finger pointed forth towards the shoppers milling up and down, Greys with a few Brights among them, and as she watched them all, she became aware of a light in their hearts, faint at first in a few, but as her perception slowly grew, the Divine Spark in each one became clear. Even the Greys…


There has been a subtle shift in the Heavens; the devastating results are plain to see, no-one has been left unaffected. With change come wisdom, with wisdom comes change. Things are changing and as they do so will the focus of attention, away from the material things that have held the attentions of the Greys; those that create these distractions are no longer as powerful now that the focus has shifted. The greatest hold has been broken. The Light within will show the way for Mankind to follow; it is his destiny.


She knew in her heart of hearts this was true, but was sad that this was the way of things. That there was no other way to awake the Greys. But then, they were distracted from the way of things by all the nonsense in their lives, as she had been once, before her awakening. Thoughtfully she turned, and walked up Butchers Row lost in thought but aware the Presence had gone, she was alone and with the next step, back in her meditating body in her Temple at home far from Pride Hill and the Greys.




This is a work of fiction and no likeness to any person, living or dead is intended… or is it?



4 thoughts on “Retail Heaven collapses.

  1. Indeed, this was a meditation with no embellishment but written just as it happened.

    Make of it what you will.

    I only share it because of the implications…

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