Which window will it be today children…?

So today I finally got this broad band sorted-or I thought I had! Things aren’t quite right yet; tomorrow will see me fertling with settings yet again. ūüė¶ The signal keeps¬†disappearing; currently the only place I can¬†receive¬†anything decent is in the window!!! Oh the joys of shared BB. I am very grateful to have it tho’.

On top of all that I have come down with a hacking cough, topped off with a temperature and upset tum and¬†I was only saying¬†recently¬†I’ve not been ill for a year -yes! I’ve got a big mouth!

So to any of you who do healing, reiki or spells, please send some my way, otherwise a candle and/or a prayer or two will do.

Anything to help me recover and get back to normal!

In the meantime I am reading, reading and reading. I picked up a few books from BC the other day; one herbal book which has made me look outside with glee at all the good and growing things in the garden. If I had the energy I’d clear out my cupboard that houses my magickal herbs, potions, oils and such stuff. But, I think I shall wait until I feel better before tackling it.¬†

The other was Paul Huson’s “The Devils Picture Book”, probably the best book written on the Tarot or so I’ve been told! Leafing thro’ it I’m tempted to agree, but I’m biased; I love Huson’s books! Well, the jury’s still out on his “Mastering Herbcraft”… but I digress, TDPB was only ¬£2:50!!!! Praise be to Bargaintia, Goddess of¬†bargains! ūüôā

So I have plenty to read, along with the latest Cauldron to digest. Plenty to study, peruse and browse through while I cough and splutter my way through the pages, catching up on various study projects.

Hm… life is magickal after all!¬†



3 thoughts on “Which window will it be today children…?

  1. Hi hunny, not sure if i can do healing energies, but sending best wishes to you! (you prob already know this recipe but just in case you dont) If i get a cough i boil some raw ginger in cup and half of water for 15mins then add some honey and lemon juice, it works better than some cough medicines! Lots of love. xx

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