Emotional weather?

Wintr sol luluWhile studying the art of forecasting the weather with astrology (Astrometerology) I recently came across a site with some interesting facts. Having browsed the site and gleaned all I could from it I was about to leave when I can across a ‘final note’ which stopped me in my tracks!

Basically this note warned the budding astrometerologist to take in to account human emotions en mass as an energy that could and does effect the weather!

What, I thought… WHAT… vaguely being aware I sounded rather like a certain Doctor, I read on.

Now I’ve heard of the weather affecting emotions, and indeed experienced it myself; those sunny mornings when it’s felt good to be alive, the happy childhood sunny days of the past, these memories all produce a smile and inner glow as my serotonin levels rose. Conversely the lack of sun lowering serotonin levels in the winder, causes many me to suffer from S.A.D. and depression. Just thinking about the long dark wet cold winters in this country is enough to give ME the shivers and run for the duvet. Hibernation sounds a very sensible option at such times…

But I digress…

The fact that the weather affects us is undeniable.

The fact (?) that the energies of human emotions effects the weather is believable?

The ‘final note’ goes on to say how these emotions of people en mass attracts adverse weather. Something I’ve always wondered about myself.

Who remembers those old cartoons where a disgruntled character had a dark cloud of gloom hovering over their head…?

The note says this is the reason why the weather in certain countries turns nasty as the mood does, and claims this is the reason why rain often follows armies on the move. When forecasting the weather the astrometerologist would be very sensible to take all of this into account.

Interesting huh!?!

Got me thinking about the current ‘economic gloom’ we’ve had over the last two summers here in the UK… NOW certain things are starting to come together in my mind.

My friend the Astrologer David Rowan, is also an Astrometerologist, and through him, his friendship and his writings, my own interest in forecasting the weather with the movements of the planets has grown into a study of said same. Tho’ I’m only a beginner, I am a very enthusiastic one. :0)

David, has this theory that May should be very hot, based on his vast knowledge of the subject. He purports this will be down to Mars, the planet that produces great heat; it currently lies in the sign it rules which is Aries. So very very hot weather as a result.

But, the planet of extreme cold, Saturn could be cooling things as it’s retrograde in Virgo, a cold earth sign.

Venus is also in Aries and she tends to be a bit cool at times, but I agree with David, Mars should be and is stronger, more aggressive and more than capable of overcoming these adversities!

So what’s going wrong?

If you’ve kept up you should have an inkling were this is going… and I expect you have and may already be there ahead of me…

Is it the dampening (excuse the pun) of our emotions in this country of doom and gloom that is attracting the same kind of weather?

Interestingly, as I write this it has begun to rain…

Can we apply this theory to our own localities and see what happens with the weather? Or is this all a bit too hit and miss?

As Spiritual people I’d like your opinions on all or any of this. Be very interesting to hear what you think and if you’d like to read the original note that sparked my train of thoughts you can find it here (scroll down to the bottom of the page)



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