Introducing Larry Locus…

It would seem I have a critic – or would heckler be a more precise word…?

He’s been about for a while now, leaving comments here and there, some of them very poetic, so much so I wonder if he has his own blog; if not I think he should…

But all these comments, his own opinions to which he is of course allowed, have been very negative, which is why I have not published them… yet.

The way WP is set up gives me the author, several choices. WP also includes email and IP addresses so if things get a little rough, the tough can get going!

So far I do not think the situation is outside of my control.

Is this the mark of fame perhaps? 😉

Now I am left wondering if I should give this person a voice here – he obviously has issues of his own with my writings and returns now and then to leave his thoughts. Constructive criticism can and is very productive, but twittering on about teeth, planets, and the poor…?

Which reminds me, I must find a dentist…

Last comment he left he asked what planet I was on – I feel a reply is in order so here it is.

We, each of us wonderful individuals see the world through our own eyes; we perceive that world from our own view point, and obviously your world, Larry is very different to mine.

You prefer yours, and I prefer mine.

I for one, see no reason to attack you for living your life the way you do.

But what I suggest you do with your very eloquent (all be it negative) writing and entertaining prose is to publish it in your own blog rather than try to in mine – you might then get an audience, which I think you deserve. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Introducing Larry Locus…

  1. Sounds like a lonely dude reaching out for contact! The problem with WP is that people don’t have to put in a genuine email address so they can go undetected. I think however that you can block him as SPAM if you get fed up of him 😉

    1. An angry lonely dude at that Seshat… 😦

      His comments will not appear unless I decide they can. So far there have been no more.

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