The world turns, and life goes on, new and interesting (or not) writers come onto the scene and while some fall by the way side, others, however, for one reason or another, stand out from the crowd.

Me, I personally, love Mike Howard’s books; he, the editor of the long running magazine on Witchcraft, The Cauldron. I find his style easy to read and his words sensible and informative.

In a different vein, Daniel A. Schulke, Verdlet of the Sabbatic coveen founded by the late Andrew Chumbley, is a delight to read – his words are dream like and speak to me in other worldly ways, which inspire me to dizzy heights, in truth, often never achieved but at least they are aimed for. 🙂

On the other hand Paul Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft is a master piece imho, full of information on Traditional stuff, which of course, is closest to my own heart.

Books and their writers can be an inspiration to the soul; they can pull us forward into new and exciting realms of praxis fuelling our evolution onwards.


Once in a while there comes onto the scene a writer who beggars belief.

Over the last year or so I have noticed a certain Rochelle Moore who pertains, so I am told, to be a Celtic Witch of some standing, taught by her Grandmother, who her followers have dubbed, the High Witch of Ireland. She has written several books and articles which appear both on the social networking site Facebook and on various places across the internet.

So what? I hear you say… well, there is no smoke with out fire.

My first err, altercation (for want of a better word) with her was over a now defunct thread on one of her FB groups about an evocation. Said thread began with a very vague paragraph, which was to say the least confusing. It seemed it was a private message to her asking how and what to do when evoking a spirit. This, in its self, raised my suspicions; why would a private message be copied and pasted into a public group?

But when I read on, the truth of the matter was quite alarming; said spirit was advised to be conjured INTO the circle!

For your edification here is the post as it appears now:

“Rochelle Moore In a quiet place draw a four metre circle on the ground – within this circle draw a small circle where you evoke the spirit and an equalitaral triangle – both shapes should be drawn within four inches of the outer circle. Consecrate the inner circle and prepare by meditating. Consecrate the outer circle. Prepare to open the gate by using Rending of the Veil gesture (before the gate and facing it, of course) and a statement along the lines of “I open the gate to (Sphere)!” Appropriate visualizations may be added – whatever you feel is right.
Many confuse invocation with evocation although there is a very important difference. invocation is mostly done with benign spirits. Such as invoking the god and goddess in a wiccan ceremony. However, evocation is mostly done with lower and less friendly spirits. Evocation should never be done with gods or higher spirits, because it is considered an insult.
When you use invoation you are summoning the spirit into your inner circle- it is a ritual without force whilst with evocation the spirit is summoned by force, using various god names and magickal words. This spirit is imprisoned within a circle and you ask the spirit to do your bidding.”


What followed on this thread originally, was several people questioning the validity of this, and pointing out the dangers of doing so, interspersed by new comers to the Craft raising questions that were never answered by the person they were looking up to, coupled with alarmingly rude and aggressive posts and private messages to me and those who spoke out about this conjuration!

Most of the posts questioning her were deleted and in the end the whole thread was re-edited to make her look good, removing any criticism by deleting posts – mine included, and altering the original question in the private message to her to that which I have reproduced, with credit to her.

Slowly, the facts became clear to not just me, but quite a few of us. This person was/is not so wise as she claims.

A year or so on and the awful truth about this person is slowly being revealed, constantly by those who dare to speak out against her.


4 thoughts on “She-who-must-not-be-critiqued

  1. Ah I remember this well. This was also my first encounter with renouned author Rochelle Moore. I’d been aware of her before then and regarded her simply as a blatant self promoter but this example proved to me that not only was she dangerous but had stollen the piece from a number of online and copywrited sources and effectivly ‘cut out’ the important information to shorten the post. As I recall the authors did not wish to persue but since then I’ve discovered a number of other examples of plagerism involving well known and respected authors

  2. I agree Senga; sad but so true. There is a need for this kind of person to be exposed and I know she is not the only one, sadly. Far to many are jumping on the band wagon and making money out of the unsuspecting! I’ve read some of the drivel she writes and well… it’s come straight of the internet!!!

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