Calling Larry Locus!


I tuned in last night… now I’m going to be honest here, I find myself sitting in front of my keyboard lost for words!

Believe me, that does not happen very often, but I am… lost – for – words…

Lets start with the good folks at Starclear first… … … nope, nothing, just blankness… words escape me… (looks over one shoulder, then the other ) Where the hell is Larry Locus when you need him eh?

Then there’s the radio show they hosted; speshul guest appearance by (yes she turned up!) the Celtic Witch herself bless.

My hands held up btw; I was wrong to doubt she would not appear, I admit it! But on second thoughts I wish I had been correct in my assumption… 😐

The jury’s still out on this errr show, but one thing is evident, she is of the Irish, her slight brogue proves this; I know some of her critics thought she was American, and to be frank, I suspected she was of Irish blood, but if she still lives there, well, to be honest, I’m not sure if I believe that.

So why, I hear you say, do you not believe her when she says she an Irish Witch, taught by her Great Grandmother? Good question! Fact is, I’ve caught her out on so much it’s impossible to believe, or it’s impossible for ME to believe anything she says. I need the proof, the source, the undeniable truth from, not just this author but from all of them.

If I’m going to part with my money, I need to be confident in the product; we all do right?

Having said that I’m off to Amazon to buy her so-called auto-bio (must be the result of the show last night – subliminal’s???) to see just how much I can glean from it!

I’ll leave you with the link for the Show (you’ll have to scroll down a tad to find it and I suggest you find something else to do for the first mind-numbing half an hour as she makes her appearance 30 minutes into the show) – your opinions are as always welcome, I’m going to hunt down Ole LL to critic this as I seem to have lost a brain cell somewhere… :/

Remember, all of the above is my own personal opinion, to which I am intitled.

However, the views held and aired by Starclear and Rochelle Moore are not held, nor anything to do with me, mine, myself and I distance myself from them… a long long way away from them in fact!


17 thoughts on “Calling Larry Locus!

  1. Just one minor point among the many that could be made:

    On the one hand she claims to have been taught by her great grandmother, yet she made it quite clear that both sets of grandparents were quite dead when she was very young; and in fact relates this as part of a ghost story she tells regarding her first pregnancy; when they all came to her and told her she would be alright.


    I was pretty amazed, also, at her convoluted and conflicting lack of knowledge. I didn’t know you could have conflicting absence of knowledge. 🙂

  2. I did like the section towards the end where she was asked to reitterate the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft. She repeated some earlier spcheel about Tradition vs Religion and Gardener, hesitated, and repeated herself again.

    Script reading me thinks

  3. Y’know your both quite right – I was amazed at her lack of knowledge too – her terminology (or rather lack of it) also showed her up. It was a big mistake she made trying to explain (how many times?) about her Grandmother teaching her, first it was her Great Gradmother, then her Great Great Grandmother and then her Great Great Great Great Grandmother… oh dear!

    I have a theory that she was being prompted via an ear piece which would explain the hesitations, conflicting staements (she would start to say one thing, but the other person would provide the correct/differing info via the ear peice and she’s have to change what she was saying!) etc – but that’s only my theory.

    I want that book to check it out – but I wont be spending my money on it…. I have a cunning plan *cackle* 😉

  4. I listened and a few points WRONG

    I wrote to Vincent Stafala of Save Newgrange who is an admin of Free Summer Solstice Festival in Tara Hill Co Meath and Rochelle is not only an ADMIN but is attending


    She is not wicca she is a witch = we were WRONG AGAIN

    Andborough Publishing after I investigated are a two bit operation and not credible on Amberlady’s Meanderings= SCAM

    Any one going ? = this Advert is over 7 months old and according to Pagans of Eire which means Ireland they have stated that Rochelle and ANUNA pulled out of this event ages ago. It would seem right if she is ADMIN of the Summer Solstice Celeb. in Tara Hill Meath Scribblers 2010: An invite to the Celtic Summerfest
    Formed over 35 years ago, our Writers Circle is based in Felixstowe, Suffolk. Meetings are held at The Room at the Top in Felixstowe Library, on the first and third Tuesday of each month starting at 7.30pm until 10.00pm. …

    I 2 can admit when I am Wrong

    “I am a wolf,
    I’d never want to be anything more.
    And I hope that even after I’m gone”

    I have been emailed about Aelwen’s or as we know her Shannon McShane who has tormented rochelle and even had her account on FB deleted for years.

    Wolfstar Coming

    1. Dear Wolf Star Coming,

      you didn’t tell me you’d moved to Dublin!

      Gawds LOVE this WP for being soooo kind and letting me know you live in a Gawd dammed built up area – next to a road as well! How do you cope with all that traffic noise? Must drive you MAD darling! So different from that wild open country I know you love running wild in – WHAT happened darling?

      WHY didn’t you tell me sweetheart?

      Here was I expecting to meet for coffee next week too!

      I must say I thought I knew you better than this; after all we’ve been friends for a while and finding we lived near to each other was a blessing considering what we’ve been through together over the last few weeks with that AWFUL woman. I was looking forward to discussing about her publisher Andborough pulling her book, Beyond the Third Eye, but now I’ll just have to email you at your *new* email addy – strange it should be gmail, that favoured by the dreaded plagiarist – did you hear that over one quarter of the book was NOT her work…? Shocking! That nice couple trusted her too – what kind of person does that?

      Well I can see we have allot to talk about – your sudden move being number one on the agenda. We were only arranging coffee this morning too – I really can’t understand your sudden decision to up and move from your lovely home on the crossroads where Hekate smiles down upon you and yours… I really didn’t know you could book the removal men and ferries so quickly these days… just goes to show how behind the times I am!

      Anyway, I’m sure we will have that coffee soon, even if it means we do meat up at Tara for the Solstice – Gawds know we’ve talked about it enough *snarf*! In fact I’ll get on to the necessary tonight; I have a tent; and I’ll see you there – no need to get back to me, I know how much you want to be there to surprise that awful woman and for a while I didn’t want to get involved, but I am now, so lets be naughty girls and run with the wolves eh?

      No need to email me -just reply here – no, better than that I’ll see you at Tara, for the Solstice, and we can surprise that Rochelle Moore or is it Siobhan Wheelan? What ever… be good to see you again Wolf Star Coming,

      Lots of Love,

      Your Best Friend

      Cymraes x)O(X

  5. Dear Lesley,

    I am in shock ! It must have been astral travel or something… shakes head, how low can they get ? mind you its a good thing – as for that coffee , lets make it elderberry flavour !
    I have to get the kids to school but will be back later. xxxx

  6. Busted!
    The problem with faking a post is you have to get your syntax and language right.
    This is the second time a fakers appeared under the name of one of the bunny warriors and outed themselves by the third word.

    TTFN Numpty… I mean Wolfie.

  7. Ok, kids gone husband out,

    This is funny, we should let them post away…. maybe I should give them my password for facebook and they can use that .

    will the real wolfstar please stand up

  8. Oops..WP doesn’t like these . Cym, can you delete the above post where WP took out the quores, please? Thankees. 🙂

    -“Rochelle is not only an ADMIN..”-

    … really.


    Tsk, tsk…never insist on a point when
    1. the radio rerun is still available, and
    2. Transcripts are posted, and
    3. you were too stoned to remember what you said. Free Willy! I mean Whelan! Yeah! Woot, pass the blunts & turn up the Zeppelin, man!

    -“She is not wicca she is a witch = we were WRONG AGAIN”-

    Oh, dear – do we really have to drag up a zillion screen shots and old profiles several years old where you – I mean, she – claims she is Wiccan?

  9. Oh yes all and any posts by Rochelle Moore will be posted here – I welcome them 😉

    But this is well… *shakes head* DAFT!

    Sehnga may have a point y’know… 😉

  10. What an absolutely fabulous fubar on the part of some non-wiccan witch who used to live in Dublin but is in the hospital in France and has a sock of your best friend. Woooowwwww. What a story! Postings like this you just can’t pass up – better than daytime American television (which, I add, will rot your brain)!

    I am stunned! This only get’s better and better. Thanks for the evening’s entertainment. BTW, great blog cymraes. I love it! – Boudica

  11. We have day time TV here in the UK – it’s brain numbing too Boudica… yes this is by far more entertaining – even when the bile spews out! Some of it is so funny – and yes I do have a strange sense of humour – I just can’t help myself!

    I’m glad you enjoy the Blog Boudica – I do my best to enjoy it too 🙂

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