Rochelle Moore shoots herself in foot!

“He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.” ~ Douglas Adams (1952 – 2001)“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

Last night someone left a comment on one of my posts about Rochelle Moore – I suggest you go now and read it, Dear Reader, if you haven’t already; you will then know what I’m talking about!

I knew straight away it was not Wolf Star Coming (from now on refered to as WSC) a very good friend from Facebook. Hence the rather sarcastic reply…

The attempt by this person, who lives in Dublin btw, the home of Irish Witch Rochelle Moore, to dupe me says volumes about them. How daft, comes to my mind, stupid also, crazy is another! shakes head

My thoughts today run back to the DeBlog incident in 2006 when RM mistaken spammed the wrong person and the wrong blog! So I thought I’d take a look at the IPs recorded there, which were also for Dublin… and guess what? It’s exactly the same IP that posted here as there, in exactly the same location, the two are identical! Why does that not surprise me? Eh?

The tone of the reply from WSC/RM was very RMish, the lack of punctuation and grammar was as well. But it was the nasty little dig at Andborough publishing (and Aelwyn another good friend of mine and WSC on FB) that signed and sealed it as RM to be sure! 😉

“Andborough Publishing after I investigated are a two bit operation and not credible on Amberlady’s Meanderings= SCAM”

My dear friend the real WSC is from a part of the world were words like two bit are just not spoken, well not unless someone’s mimicking an American! Maybe RM thought she was? Shame she hadn’t done her research… but then, I doubt she would know what the word means, let alone do it!

So in conclusion, we have the matching IPs, from DeBlog and my blog, both showing an area in Dublin. We have the very obvious (to me and others) fact that WSC does not write in that tone. We also have the fact that the real WSC has replied. All of which leads me, and probably you too Dear Reader, that this comment was indeed left by someone who lives in Dublin, Ireland, and I can think of only one person who acts in such a duplicitous manner; Rochelle Moore.


8 thoughts on “Rochelle Moore shoots herself in foot!

  1. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again


    Even burnt once by her inability to understand what IP’s do she does it again.

    *shakes head* will the woman never learn?


  2. Cymraes Gwyllt AKA Lesley Jackson – lies exposed – Andborough Publishing – does crime pay?
    September 01, 2010 07:13 AM EDT
    views: 13

    Cymraes Gwyllt AKA Lesley Jackson – lies exposed – Andborough Publishing – does crime pay?

    It would appear that a certain Lesley Jackson from Wales who has harassed and cyberbullied her way into the attention of pagans has really turned up trumps this time. So does crime pay?

    Email sent from Pagan News:
    “This came in by Pagan News this morning and i still cant stop laughing
    “Pagan News Aug 30, 2010
    Lesley Jackson Cymraes and other names Merry Lesley Jackson, Cymraes, and lots more .A little about me A bitter old woman from wales who was born into a family of farmers, and bought up in a rural part of the Welsh Marches, in the mid ’50′. I am a phoney witch who has nothing better to do than to trawl the internet looking to cyberbully. I know there’s allot of talk about being Granny taught within certain, er, fluffy circles online, but I’m one of the rare bunch who really were… well not quite- i wrote it for attention and drew a proposed publishing contract form Andborough Publishing from the owner Pamela Anders Yarborough. So if you want to get published or draw attention to yourself just lie, cheat, cyberbully and voila!! I know… this is the route I follow, building on the basis of his teachings and formulating my own victims which i choose carefully. During the interim i stalk and post but hey lying has paid off.Publishing contract for what? ”

    We are all too familiar with Lesley Jackson or Merry Lesley Jackson or Cymraes or now CYMRAES GWYLLT – a complete liar who has plagued Rochelle since the publication of an article about summoning over 3 years ago. Dont take my word for it let her own words speak for herself
    ” – so this may seem a little bit harsh but on searching it turns out to be TRUE. Ok let it come from the horses mouth herself.
    this was posted also on as well as in pagan news- here goes the lie continues

    “Bare faced cheek!
    August 30, 2010 by cymraes (aka lesley jackson, merry lesley jackson, cymeras and NOW cymraes gwyllt.. Cymraes Gwyllt!/profile.php?id=100001384544912&ref=search AND CYMRAES GWYLLT WRITER a new group formed

    It would seem our friend RM is not content with letting things lie… under one of her many guises I find she is now attacking me on “Gather“. I’d give the whole low down, but as you know, dear reader, it gets a tad boring going over the same old same old! Have a root – it’s all here.

    The latest bit of ‘bait’ to which I AM responding (much just goes over my head as I’m not going to be bothered… yawn – y’know, …”

    SO CYMRAES GWYLLT WRITER a new group on facebook? writer? it seems lesley jackson is trying to lie her way into the public’s eye by any means possible. Pamela Anders Yarborough wrote on Merry Lesley Jackson’s wall “so when are you publishing your book”! The trail continues:

    Replies to Lesley Jackson now Cymraes Gwyllt aka writer: The same old names appear again and again working together in a mob form as proved below (how unpagan)

    Sehnga – this is Jo Herndon who is completely fixated with defaming the writer. Wrote a horrible and slanderous review on every amazon they could which was deleted for ABUSE. Also has followed the author for 2 years cyberbullying.
    A cyber stalker.!/profile.php?id=1727599329

    Rowan Forbes aka rowan tree deleted several times from facebook for harassment & posting horrible things has a real chip on her shuolder –!/profile.php?id=100001212173948

    Shullie H Porter – wrote a scathing review about the book Beyond the Third Eye on which was deleted due to abuse – deleted for abuse –!/shullie

    *NAME REMOVED BY THE BLOG MISTRESS*- continues in his ongoing vengeful and spiteful ways by writing about the author another cyber stalker –!/TheDegausser

    Jeremy Goode – aka Bustin Chops another fixated fool who is locked in on the author and writes lies about her also an ADMINISTRATOR OF PAGANISM AND WICCA lol –!/NaptownBoss

    Aelwyn Daeira (Shauna Hayes) – this must be the best of all – Admin of Paganism and Wicca and a horrible sneeky person who writes about the author anytime she can –!/aelwyndaeira

    Sarah Stovall – another cyber stalker who writes under fake identities to amazon etc.,. – seriously sick mind also an ADMINISTRATOR OF PAGANISM AND WICCA (Shame on her) – all posts deleted for harassment –!/sstoval3

    Pamela Anders Yarborough – A non stop self promoting family run publishing business who asked “when Lesley Jackson was writing her book” – – lots of things on google about this publishers and not good things

    Robert T Yarborough – Partner in Andborough Publishing and another muppet who joined every group to self promote this tiny publishing company. –!/profile.php?id=1058449096

    Vicky Newton – another cyber stalker and hate group member

    Michelle Leary (Michelle Askew) – another cyber stalker who befriended author and then turned and posted awful things in these groups!/profile.php?id=1347535476

    Angel Pellarin – befriended author only to turn and post libelous accusations anywhere she could!/Avenging.Angel

    Eileen Oakley – bitter & twisted cyberbully also member of any group who will listen to her lies –

    Boudica Foster – started a hate group Pagans against Plagarism with all of the above on Facebook – deleted for abuse and cyberbullying –!/profile.php?id=530141957

    Caroline Devereaux – a fake name who has been deleted off facebook for cyberbullying and now uses Scott Cunningham’s book cover as her profile pic lol considering she set up Pagans Against Plagarism this is also funny – deleted for abuse and harassment –!/profile.php?id=100001342929121

    *NAME REMOVED BY THE BLOG MISTRESS*- a nutcase who is a cyber stalker also a member of any group who allows to post her horrible remarks –!/profile.php?id=

    Katey Williams – underhanded person – fixated on rochelle “Katey Williams via Rochelle Moore: Rochelle Moore “Magic” or “Magick” – the Difference (is Using the Word “Magick” the Waste of a Good
    My question: So, the “k” can be used in some circumstances, what do you guys think in the magical community (particularly the Neo-Wiccan community) they stick with the word “magick”?

    Katey Williams follows author everywhere and slanders –!/profile.php?id=100001302480024


    Others involved on the fringes
    Isabelle Corbeau a bitter transvestite who loves to gossip and slander –!/profile.php?id=100001352048083
    Harrison G. Kyng – 3 years harassment and hate groups –!/harrison.kyng
    Sue Amberlady
    Suzy Que
    Suzy Pink …… and more

    back to the main feature Lesley Jacksons Lies and proof of her unsavory behavior

    Cymraes Gwyllt!/profile.php?id=100001384544912&ref=search – new group by Lesley Jackson

    Merry Lesley Jackson!/profile.php?id=100001289751362

    and new group: Cymraes writer AHA! GUILTY AS SHOWN LESLEY JACKSON

    Cymraes!/pages/Cymraes/142421722445183 – yes its lesley jackson again



    you are also just starting a group called

    you are so see-through you are dispicable.

    If you knew ANYTHING you would realise that who you are consantly after and harassing does no longer live in Ireland so off to eircom you go and see for yourself


    you can try to deny it and say anything u like but the truth is outlined above


  3. Two bits is a very American saying, as it represents American currency. A “bit” is an eight of a dollar, or 12.5 cents, so two bits is a quarter. This is also a very old reference, coming from colonial American times. The reference is often made in early American movies, and most commonly found in early cartoons, with the famous line (sing song) “shave and a hair cut, two bits” – anyone who has seen Roger Rabbit knows this line well. But I doubt it is common in English or Irish colloquialisms.

    Just very strange this one chose exactly those words.

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