Rochelle Moore’s book pulled by publishers for plagiarism!

This just in from Andborough Publishing reproduced here in full:

“It is unfortunate but we have pulled the book Beyond the Third Eye by Rochelle Moore from publication.  After hearing complaints from readers we put the book through a plagiarism scanner and it produced a rating of 25%.  According to the software manufacture, any rating above 21% is highly suspect of plagiarism.

We conducted a random inspection of several passages the software identified as suspect and found word-for-word duplication from works that predated the book. No attribution was given for these passages.  The duplicated material varied in length from several sentences to multiple paragraphs.

This is truly unfortunate and will force us to change how we handle new manuscripts. In the past our authors sign a publishing agreement that states:

“a) Author warrants that Author is the author and sole owner of the Work or was assigned the rights delineated above; that it is original and contains no matter unlawful in its content, nor does it violate the rights of any third party including but not limited to rights of privacy, rights of publicity, libel or infringement of copyright or any other rights; that the Work is not in the public domain. Author also warrants that these rights are owned or controlled by him without encumbrance and that Author has full power to grant the listed rights to Publisher.”

We worked from a position of “Good Faith” that the authors were who and what they claim they are and had the rights to the work they presented as original.  Now we will have to put every manuscript to the test.  Thankfully modern technology has provided us a way to scan and compare against other digital works, it does however limit us to only digital comparisons.

We’ve had several people ask why didn’t we vet our authors better. Vetting in the publishing world is fact checking and fact checking is so time consuming that even local newspaper forgo this and expect the authors/writers to check their own facts. This is the case with large publishing houses as well.  A recent article in The New York Times tells the problems that befell Henry Holt & Company recently.  Not only did the author make up facts in the book but embellished his own credentials.

This was a sad week at Andborough Publishing. Our apologies.”


It is indeed in many different ways a sad time. But I see no reason for them to apologise. They were a victim of a plagiarist!

The dupliciousness of Rochelle Moore now continues with her “Agent” and various other fake profiles making it known on FB that this is not true and that the publishers are throwing a dicky-fit like spoilt children because she has found a better publisher!


Andborough Publishing have acted in a very mature and responsible manner through all of this and I have no doubt they will continue to do so. To suggest other wise, once again illustrates the childish manner in which Ms Moore surrounds herself.

The woman is a plagiarist – the proof is irrefutable….


Update 21st June 2010.

Since this was posted I have had several comments from a Dublin IP; these comments were ‘written’ by false identies. That is people who do not live (nor could have been) in Dublin. After seeking approval from the people these comments were suposed to be from, several will not be appearing.

Further on this matter can be found here.


22 thoughts on “Rochelle Moore’s book pulled by publishers for plagiarism!

  1. I guess Rochelle/Siobhan has gotten away with stealing for so long that now she probably is affronted to be caught.

    I hope Andborough does not let her get away with calling them liars. Rochelle might now find out what ‘libel’ really is, since she loved to throw the term around so much. lol

  2. Dear lesley

    here is a copy of my reply to Andborough Publishing and my official statement
    “Dear Pamela/Robert,

    It is is great distress that I read your posting on Andborough Publishing site. This book was fully vetted prior to publication as you are well aware from my email re: Resources. All material has been checked and cross-checked prior to you receiving same and I also informed you of the importance of having the Resources at the back of the book (in another email) to avoid this very situation. I am just back from Galway and on my way to Tara Hill for the Solstice celebrations however, I have arranged a meeting with my Solicitor for early Monday morning.

    I personally pointed you towards the Coven of the Fluffy Bunnies site to show you false accusations and the fake photographs placed there by various people I also told you I would write to them once and once only and I intend to to this today. My new publishers have looke over BTTE and more importantly, the Resources section at the end of the book and they too have read your own posting on Andborough Publishing site however, unlike your company who as you yourself quoted as reacting in a “rash manner” in an email to The Agency; they seem extremely content that all aread of so called “plagarism” is not only completely unfounded but quite “unprofessional from a publishers point of view”. This does not auger well for Andborough who seem to have reacted “on a personal rather than a professional manner” and they are extremely happy to re-published the book with “complete editing which is, once again in their words “very unprofessional”.

    I am at home this morning after a rushed journey back from Galway to deal with this situation and I hope that you see sense and retract this statement from your site outherwise I have no option than to take matters further. It is a shame that such a spiritual person has listened to people with false identities, an eye-opener that Andborough Published such a liabelous accusation based on “personal reaction” to the Fluffy Bunny site however, with regard to my book and my reputation, unless you see sense and calm down – bring back the spiritual person I believed I was dealing with over the past year, then I have no alternative than to clear my name publically.

    This is my one and only statement to the members of the Coven of the Fluffy Bunnies, as outlined to you “I will post once and once only” as I do not respect people who deliberately try to harass, threaten and write in under false names “even in my name as shown above”. I believe all of you have a lot of soul searching to do and I wish you well. My book will be reprinted exactly as is by my new publisher later on in the year after they have completed a professional edit and spell check e.g.: in the Resources site “the hold bible” instead of “the holy bible”.

    Rochelle Moore “

  3. Dear Rochelle,

    thank you for sending this for me to post here; as you know I welcome all and any of your comments on the blog.

    There are always two sides, (and sometime more) to a story

    I wonder tho’ just how you intend to clear your name?

  4. Well, we know who didn’t write that. LOL

    Nice try at damage control and crying persecution, but no cigar.

    Funny how she left out all the other plagiarisms she has been caught for in the past, Cunningham, Jong, and the plethora of documented thefts on Bustin’ Chops.

    ‘Tis a bitch when the piper wants his due. 😉

  5. We await with baited breath the name of the new publisher, who might find themselves with several lawsuits from the original authors of the material she stole.

    That would include if it’s self-published. 😉

  6. I received this email a few days ago from Elvira Summerland.

    ” Oh just watch the book sister give it 3 months and see who has it Sharon Houdek” (who is supposed to be Wolfstar Coming.)
    “u were duped”

    So I guess we wait to see if “Sharon Houdek” republishes the book.

  7. Duly noted that she is staying 100 miles away from Bustin’ Chops…not enough excuses in the universe to explain away all the documented thefts there. LOL

  8. Hmmm… think I’ll have to dig some out Sehnga – Gawds know I’ve found more than a few posted on FB, AC, Gather, and then the DeBlog incident I think needs a post!

    One of the new sock accounts had a pop at me on FB y’day – called me a “WELSH FOOL”! (his caps not mine btw) Turns out he’s the supposed new publisher… a certain Trevor Houdek!

    Well he sounds like a bigot to me, who ever they really are!

  9. Pamela Anders Yarborough

    As Rochelle’s ex- publisher and an active member of the Extra Sparkely Coven of The Fluffy Bunnies and with emails from various people, groups and Starclear Radio making their statement very clear.
    would not like to be in her ex-publishers shoes. I would prefer to be her new publisher. This book turned up 2.3% after scanning it and placing the correct references into place as any ad hoc publisher would do. Not only prior to publishing to cover any aspects of your own accusation of “plagarism” which has shown to be completely unfounded and very unprofessional.
    Now it appears you are an active member of the very group that created this issue. Perhaps you are not very happy that this book is being taken on by a real publisher?
    Who knows your reasons.

    Trevor Houdek

  10. Jeffrey Seelman On Saturday, June 5, 2010, Irish Paranormal Author, Poet, and Celtic Witch Rochelle Moore appeared as our special guest on Starclear Radio. Prior to her appearance, our radio show and network received several accusations regarding Rochelle. Upon thorough investigation, we had determined that those accusations were comp…letely false, malicious and deliberate. During the interview, we had to ban several people from the chat room, as well as keep the guest telephone lines closed. I stand by Rochelle Moore completely, and believe she has been unfairly targeted. And she was a wonderful guest.

    Jeffrey Seelman
    Starclear Radio

  11. Since he writes exactly the same way as Rochelle – same mistakes, odd grammatical structure, spelling, lack of capitalization – and her hallmark; disjointed reasoning and disconnected sentencesetc etc – well, gee; whomever could it be?


  12. Its amazing how rude some people are. What gives people the right to judge others. I have Rochelle’s books and I don’t see anything to suggest Plagerism. I guess when you are climbing the moutain to success people are going to try and knock you down. Only god can judge people so
    Rochelle I believe you when you say you didnt do anything wrong and I support you and know that you will make it through all of this harassment and trouble.

  13. Quote from Heavenangel

    “Only god can judge people so”

    Are you a Christian?

    I’ve got no problem if you are – but what a strange thing to say if you’re not…

    “Its amazing how rude some people are.”

    How is it “rude”; I have simply spoken the truth and have the evidence to prove it.

  14. You know it’s funny how anyone to do with Rochelle Moore just posts and leaves… no conversation, nothing – a bit like ships in the night m’thinks!

  15. I have read several of Rochelle Moore’s “books” and I have to say that in my personal opinion they are among the absolute worst books any new (or experienced for that matter) pagan or witch could ever read. The fact that her publisher is not removing her books from their catalog for plagiarism does not surprise me one bit.

    I really have to wonder at all the folks coming out of no where to defend this woman and her “written” works. I suspect that they are either Ms. Moore herself or a very new and deluded pagan.

    Kudos to Andborough Publishing for acting in such an ethical manner.

  16. busted by pagan news 30th august 2010

    Cymraes Gwyllt AKA Lesley Jackson – lies exposed – Andborough Publishing – does crime pay?


    Cymraes Gwyllt AKA Lesley Jackson – lies exposed – Andborough Publishing – does crime pay?

    It would appear that a certain Lesley Jackson from Wales who has harassed and cyberbullied her way into the attention of pagans has really turned up trumps this time. So does crime pay?

    Email sent from Pagan News:
    “This came in by Pagan News this morning and i still cant stop laughing
    “Pagan News Aug 30, 2010
    Lesley Jackson Cymraes and other names Merry Lesley Jackson, Cymraes, and lots more .A little about me A bitter old woman from wales who was born into a family of farmers, and bought up in a rural part of the Welsh Marches, in the mid ’50′. I am a phoney witch who has nothing better to do than to trawl the internet looking to cyberbully. I know there’s allot of talk about being Granny taught within certain, er, fluffy circles online, but I’m one of the rare bunch who really were… well not quite- i wrote it for attention and drew a proposed publishing contract form Andborough Publishing from the owner Pamela Anders Yarborough. So if you want to get published or draw attention to yourself just lie, cheat, cyberbully and voila!! I know… this is the route I follow, building on the basis of his teachings and formulating my own victims which i choose carefully. During the interim i stalk and post but hey lying has paid off.Publishing contract for what? ”

    We are all too familiar with Lesley Jackson or Merry Lesley Jackson or Cymraes or now CYMRAES GWYLLT – a complete liar who has plagued Rochelle since the publication of an article about summoning over 3 years ago. Dont take my word for it let her own words speak for herself
    ” – so this may seem a little bit harsh but on searching it turns out to be TRUE. Ok let it come from the horses mouth herself.
    this was posted also on as well as in pagan news- here goes the lie continues

    “Bare faced cheek!
    August 30, 2010 by cymraes (aka lesley jackson, merry lesley jackson, cymeras and NOW cymraes gwyllt.. Cymraes Gwyllt!/profile.php?id=100001384544912&ref=search AND CYMRAES GWYLLT WRITER a new group formed

    It would seem our friend RM is not content with letting things lie… under one of her many guises I find she is now attacking me on “Gather“. I’d give the whole low down, but as you know, dear reader, it gets a tad boring going over the same old same old! Have a root – it’s all here.

    The latest bit of ‘bait’ to which I AM responding (much just goes over my head as I’m not going to be bothered… yawn – y’know, …”

    SO CYMRAES GWYLLT WRITER a new group on facebook? writer? it seems lesley jackson is trying to lie her way into the public’s eye by any means possible. Pamela Anders Yarborough wrote on Merry Lesley Jackson’s wall “so when are you publishing your book”! The trail continues:

    Replies to Lesley Jackson now Cymraes Gwyllt aka writer: The same old names appear again and again working together in a mob form as proved below (how unpagan)

    Sehnga – this is Jo Herndon who is completely fixated with defaming the writer. Wrote a horrible and slanderous review on every amazon they could which was deleted for ABUSE. Also has followed the author for 2 years cyberbullying.
    A cyber stalker.!/profile.php?id=1727599329

    Rowan Forbes aka rowan tree deleted several times from facebook for harassment & posting horrible things has a real chip on her shuolder –!/profile.php?id=100001212173948

    Shullie H Porter – wrote a scathing review about the book Beyond the Third Eye on which was deleted due to abuse – deleted for abuse –!/shullie
    & lots more names…..

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