The Dublin comments.

It would seem things are afoot!

I have recently, had two new comments on the blog for approval. My suspicions were raised immediately, as the IP addys’ were both identical, yet the posts were from two different people, both of whom I know do not live in Dublin… so I contacted them, explaining the facts and asking if they indeed had been in Dublin at the time the comments were posted. They were not.

The result is, I shall NOT be approving these comments, as a result of this contact. I have also agreed not to post anything purported to have been written by them, nor post anything in their name, just incase.

All these posts all support Rochelle Moore and degrade her ex-publishers Andborough Publishing btw.

As this is not the first time posts in this vein have arrived from Dublin, in false identities proven not to belong to the poster, I will leave you Dear Reader to draw your own conclusions as I have mine!

Personally I find it dispicable that anybody could or would use another persons talents (and in this case their identity) and call them their own.

But then I have always called a certain Irish Witch’s ethics in to question – by the way, she lives in Dublin.

Having said that, I hope those who are following this here, are able to deduce and assimilate the facts as presented, and draw from them the truth.

Update 22nd June 2010.

The Blogmisstress has had her crystal blog ball out today, put in her biggest pair of gold earrings, donned her Granny’s shawl and took on the persona of Mystic Blogger, and gazed into the future, her prediction is this; that to counter these Dublin IPs a certain someone (mention no names but Dear Reader you know who I mean) will claim, with some daft notion that she has over the last week or so, to have moved from Dublin to warmer climes, say the Us, Spain, Italy or even France… the crystal blog ball went cloudy at that moment and the Blogmisstress had to come out of her trance for a nice cupa-t and a cucumber butty… but that is her prediction…

Update 26th June 2010

interestingly Rochelle Moore has hinted at her move – by saying she’s been so busy the last week! It’s France btw – the place she’s moved to… it took from the time the Yarborough’s announced they were pulling her book Beyond the Third Eye, to the day after Jeffrey Seelman’s announcement that she had also plagiarised him… enough time for her to do what she WANTED to do; now folks are complaining of virus’s infecting their computers and websites – this may just be coincidence, but Dear Reader, this writer believes there is no such thing in this spiritual world of ours…. the “move” was just smoke and mirrors imho – I’m still getting hits on this blog from Dublin…!


5 thoughts on “The Dublin comments.

  1. I certainly hope the relevent individuals have been informed and the evidence provided. Given who was being impersonated and the current action being taken it would bode unwell for Rocky should this be used against her, especially in light of the most recent revelations.

    I realise I use a pseudonym here but I do not hide my actual identity. It mearly requires people to be even partially aware of who I am and my email address, as visible to the Blogmisstress, is my true contact and leads to a real person.

    Twig said my fairy name is Violet Tattersticks and thus I have become 🙂

    1. “Blogmisstress”… hummm I quite like that title Ms Tattersticks – I think I will use it 🙂

      As to the individuals concerned the relevant info has been passed on, and they are left to draw their own conclusions. As you know, I seek the truth, and it has a habit of finding it’s own way into the light of day.

      Pseudonyms and pen-names are an accepted norm with in the in the world of writing; actively, persistently, and annoyingly pretending to be someone you’re not borders on identity theft? Mixing the real information, such as names and websites, coupled with email addresses that may or may not lead to the person named, from the same IP address is daft imnsho!

      Your friendly but not daft Blogmisstress! 😉

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