Target practise!

Some of you may know me – some of you may not and for those who don’t, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’ve been on FB for 2 or 3 years now, and a while back a certain Irish Witch was bought to my attention; long story, if you want to know I will tell those who ask, but for now lets just say I, personally, discovered she had been plagiarising left right and centre!

Now I’m not saying I was the only one who found this, but I am saying, I like others, went on to contact the authors she’d stolen from. From then until now, I have been instrumental in exposing this woman for the sham she is, and if that is wrong then shoot me!

I also blog about it here, as the more who know about her the better.

Recently, an article of mine was C&Pd into a group called


BTW – this ^ group is run by none other than that certain person’s sock accounts….

I’ve complained to FB as the admins of this group have all blocked me-two days later my profile was deleted….

Here is the article as it appears on that group, (note how it has been twisted) and is confusing as parts have been C&Pd so I’ve put* in to make it clear… I hope!

*”Matilda Jefferson

i see a lot of their authors are complaining will post as i can also
the fluffybunnies are running away in droves

“fluffy bunny backing down fron andborro and butt n chops”
June 6, 2010 by cymraes (lesley jackson)
I tuned in last night… now I’m going to be honest here, I find myself sitting in front of my keyboard lost for words!
Believe me, that does not happen very often, but I am… lost – for – words…
Lets start with the good folks at Starclear first… … … nope, nothing, just blankness… words escape me… (looks over one shoulder, then the other ) Where the hell is Larry Locus when you need him eh?
Then there’s the radio show they hosted; speshul guest appearance by (yes she turned up!) the Celtic Witch herself bless.
My hands held up btw; I was wrong to doubt she would not appear, I admit it! But on second thoughts I wish I had been correct in my assumption…
I for one, am waiting to see (or should that be hear?) if Ms Moore (for those of you who don’t know who this is click on her name to take you to Sehngas BC) turns up… or will she cancel at the last minute… or will there be a tech hitch/glitch? Maybe I’ll get my crystal ball out heheh…


Remember, all of the above is my own personal opinion, to which I am intitled.
However, the views held and aired by Starclear and Rochelle Moore are not held, nor anything to do with me, mine, myself and I distance myself from them… a long long way away from them in fact!”

One fluffy bunny down”*

To be found at:!/topic.php?uid=129917983710093&topic=229


STOP PAGAN, WITCH & WICCAN HARASSMENT NOW!/group.php?gid=129917983710093&v=wall

Link to my original article:

I’ll let you go and read the context of the original – they’ve taken it word for word with out permission, so if you do go on that group, hit the report button for me will you?

With this level of decite, with this woman openly stealing work from all and sundry, legal proccedings WILL take place and the Magickal workings (I found she stole from the blog of the head of the US branch of the GD!) planed we can only hope that justice will be served, preferably cold by Dame Fate, with a nice side dish of her beloved Karma.


3 thoughts on “Target practise!

    1. It has Sehnga – and in many ways the road is a long and crooked one to walk – but on the way many friendships are being forged 🙂


    PAGAN NEWS: 30TH August 2010 – Named and Shamed cyberbullies/stalkers – A TRUE STORY – Facebook

    “Lesley Jackson Cymraes and other names Merry Lesley Jackson, Cymraes, and lots more .A little about me A bitter old woman from wales who was born into a family of farmers, and bought up in a rural part of the Welsh Marches, in the mid ’50′. I am a phoney witch who has nothing better to do than to trawl the internet looking to cyberbully. I know there’s allot of talk about being Granny taught within certain, er, fluffy circles online, but I’m one of the rare bunch who really were… well not quite- i wrote it for attention and drew a proposed publishing contract form Andborough Publishing from the owner Pamela Anders Yarborough. So if you want to get published or draw attention to yourself just lie, cheat, cyberbully and voila!! I know… this is the route I follow, building on the basis of his teachings and formulating my own victims which i choose carefully. During the interim i stalk and post but hey lying has paid off.Publishing contract for what? ”

    We are all too familiar with Lesley Jackson or Merry Lesley Jackson or Cymraes or now CYMRAES GWYLLT – a complete liar who has plagued Rochelle since the publication of an article about summoning over 3 years ago. Dont take my word for it let her own words speak for herself
    ” – so this may seem a little bit harsh but on searching it turns out to be TRUE. Ok let it come from the horses mouth herself. this was posted also on as well as in Pagan News- here goes the lie continues

    Named and shamed for Cyberbullying or stalking:

    No one deserves to be harassed or undesirably pursed by an online stalker or mentally ill individual living in a fantasy world or otherwise but when this becomes a mob issue then it is a cowardly act. If you are the victim and being pursued by a stalker on a forum or anywhere else online, immediately notify the website(s) with any and all information regarding the matter. If they have a legal department, notify their legal division as well. Do not wait for something more serious to happen when concerned with an online stalker. Contact your local law enforcement agency immediately, and provide them with any pertinent information regarding the online stalker. Do not wait to protect yourself against an online stalker. Arm yourself using any legal methods necessary to protect your property, family, and life; Threats of any kind, inappropriate behavior, or unwelcome ongoing advances online or anywhere should always be taken seriously.

    Pagan News is willing to name and shame online cyberbullies and online stalkers. If you have an issue or experienced any of the above contact us.

    Now to the story of a writer who has been at the centre of an ongoing stalking campaign for the past three years. This commenced on Facebook after the writer posted an article to which three people disagreed and has now developed into a frightening “hate campaign” which Pagan News wish to bring to the attention of the pagan community. We hope this story will help others by focusing on their own safety and to show that this is not acceptible both inside or outside the pagan community.
    The writer in question has published books, has an excellent reputation and a large fanbase who have written to Pagan News to show how online hatred can corrupt individuals who “hide behind flase names”; we have investigated this case thorougly and have proven the following people to be responsible:

    cymraes (aka lesley jackson, merry lesley jackson, cymeras and NOW cymraes gwyllt.. Cymraes Gwyllt!/profile.php?id=100001384544912&ref=search AND CYMRAES GWYLLT WRITER a new group formed
    SO CYMRAES GWYLLT WRITER a new group on facebook? writer? it seems lesley jackson is trying to lie her way into the public’s eye by any means possible.
    Cymraes Gwyllt!/profile.php?id=100001384544912&ref=search – new group by Lesley Jackson
    Merry Lesley Jackson!/profile.php?id=100001289751362
    Cymraes!/pages/Cymraes/142421722445183 – yes its lesley jackson again

    Sehnga – this is Jo Herndon who is completely fixated with defaming the writer. Wrote a horrible and slanderous review on every amazon they could which was deleted for ABUSE. Also has followed the author for 2 years cyberbullying.
    A cyber stalker.!/profile.php?id=1727599329

    Rowan Forbes aka rowan tree deleted several times from facebook for harassment & posting horrible things has a real chip on her shuolder –!/profile.php?id=10000112173948

    Shullie H Porter – wrote a scathing review about the book Beyond the Third Eye on which was deleted due to abuse – deleted for abuse –!/shullie

    *NAME REMOVED BY THE BLOG MISTRESS* – continues in his ongoing vengeful and spiteful ways by writing about the author another cyber stalker –!/TheDegausser

    Jeremy Goode – aka Bustin Chops another fixated fool who is locked in on the author and writes lies about her also an ADMINISTRATOR OF PAGANISM AND WICCA lol –!/NaptownBoss

    Aelwyn Daeira (Shauna Hayes) – this must be the best of all – Admin of Paganism and Wicca and a horrible sneeky person who writes about the author anytime she can –!/aelwyndaeira

    Sarah Stovall – another cyber stalker who writes under fake identities to amazon etc.,. – seriously sick mind also an ADMINISTRATOR OF PAGANISM AND WICCA (Shame on her) – all posts deleted for harassment –!sstoval3

    Pamela Anders Yarborough – A non stop self promoting family run publishing business who asked “when Lesley Jackson was writing her book” – – lots of things on google about this publishers and not good things

    Robert T Yarborough – Partner in Andborough Publishing and another muppet who joined every group to self promote this tiny publishing company. –!/profile.php?id=1058449096

    Vicky Newton – another cyber stalker and hate group member

    Michelle Leary (Michelle Askew) – another cyber stalker who befriended author and then turned and posted awful things in these groups!/profile.php?id=1347535476

    Angel Pellarin – befriended author only to turn and post libelous accusations anywhere she could

    Eileen Oakley – bitter & twisted cyberbully also member of any group who will listen to her lies –

    Boudica Foster – started a hate group Pagans against Plagarism with all of the above on Facebook – deleted for abuse and cyberbullying –!/profile.php?id=530141957

    Caroline Devereaux – a fake name who has been deleted off facebook for cyberbullying and now uses Scott Cunningham’s book cover as her profile pic lol considering she set up Pagans Against Plagarism this is also funny – deleted for abuse and harassment –!/profile.php?id=10000342929121

    *NAME REMOVED BY THE BLOG MISTRESS* – a nutcase who is a cyber stalker also a member of any group who allows to post her horrible remarks –!/profile.php?id=1588469

    Katey Williams – underhanded person – fixated on rochelle Katey Williams follows author everywhere and slanders –!/profile.php?id=100001302480024


    Others involved on the fringes(I have removed from here, an unsavoury remark about one of my dear friends, who has also been instrumental in exposing the plagiarism of Rochelle Moore. The remark eluded to their sexuality and preferred manner of dress in a very derogatory way which I and several others (including Izzy herself) found to be VERY below the belt! I however still have the original comment as posted.)

    Harrison G. Kyng – 3 years harassment and hate groups –!/harrison.kyng
    Sue Amberlady
    Suzy Que
    Suzy Pink …… and more
    Wolfstar Coming appears to have initiated both sides of the cyberbullying and plays one off against the other

    The internet can be a useful tool, a way of communication between countries. It can open many doors for those who are seeking a new journey to travel on, to speak to family and make friends however, there is a very dark side to this technological tool. The internet as any other has its dark deep secrets that lie within. The abundance of information is at your fingertips. Whatever it is your heart desires, the internet has it all.
    The internet creates alternate realities for predators to seek out and role play against their victims and it portrays a world of illusions creating a non-existence for those to become a stalker. The internet has a magnetic force, slowly tugging you into its dimensions where role playing, no matter how harmful to others, is sometimes accepted due to the insecurity of cyberbullies and stalkers. Anyone who has a stalker it can become their worst nightmare. Unsavory emails, threats, lies, abusive words etc., which can go on by the abusers for years. In this case, the writer is a woman who deserves the kindness and respect that anyone else deserves. She is well known worldwide especially in the pagan community and she has been betrayed by some of those she considered friends.
    A stalker does not care about ethnicity, religion, age, or gender. They seek out their victims by their selective choice. The victim is chosen by the stalkers own obsession. A stalker obsesses with the image of a predator hunting down their prey. Stalking is a crime, whether it is online, letters, phone or in person so dont put up with it. Name and shame or contact your local authorities and stamp
    out psycho stalkers.

    PAGAN NEWS 30th AUGUST, 2010″

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