Look Up!

Recently I was asked to travel down to South Wales to ‘clear’ a house. The family were having problems and I was recommended to help them. I gladly took the opportunity up and my partner and I were delighted to be invited to stay over night with the family.

While we were driving south, just before Devils Bridge, we turned a corner in the road and a sight of wonder greeted us!

There, following the farmers tractor as he mowed the field for hay, where 40 or 50 Red Kites flying low over the field, looking for food and as luck had it, just on the side of the road was a little lay bye so we pulled in and got out to watch!

Oh it was a rare treat – the birds were so low we could look into their eyes!

They soared on thermals and chased each other across the skies, swooping so low to the field and delighting us with their cries… y’know it was a once in a lifetime event – neither of us had seen so many in one place, flying wild and free.

As the farmer finished his work they too, finished flying over the field and slowly flew off into the distance. We too, drove on and as we did so, I pondered on the lesson given there. Life, the Universe, the Gods, often give us signs.

And indeed they do – when the work at the house was done, it was the attic space that needed clearing of spirits and the residue left by former inhabitants.

Look up…


3 thoughts on “Look Up!

    1. Thank you…

      One day – one day when I’m in the flow, creatively and actually I’ll begin it – tho’ when it will ever be finished who knows 🙂

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