Over the last 24 hours or so eight identical comments have been left all c&pd from the original left here y’day – they all say the same and they all harass those who have been instrumental in exposing Rochelle Moore’s plagiarism.

Each one is a study in hate and bile and I refuse to publish them.

I am however passing them on to those who need to see them, including the email and IP address – all the same, pointing to Dublin where Ms Moore is living.

In the mean time, yet more blogs are picking up on this and spreading the news of Beyond the Third Eye being removed by the publishers

Ms. Moore can continue her smear campaign for as long as she likes; the truth about her is evident, and spreading like wild fire.


10 thoughts on “Mo(o)re…

  1. Indeed. She/her son are stepping up the nasty comments everywhere. C’est la vie.

    The plagiarism and preying on very young Facebook pagans was bad enough; behaving badly afterwards just makes it all much worse.

          1. And there’s more…



            (BTW this article of RMs is taken directly from: )
            Scroll down to the comments to see this (which I have reproduced EXACTLY as it appears…:

            “Lesley Jackson aka Cymraes & andborough publis
            MM i have watched how these people treat you and found they are all in it together here is the proof for you Keep up your great work mp What is the meaning of “bustin chops”? answer: “Giving someone a hard time” But when does a hard time cross over to cyberbullying? When someone is fixated on destroying another! example: Posted in Pagan News 30th August 2010 “Cymraes Gwyllt AKA Lesley Jackson – lies exposed – Andborough Publishing – does crime pay? It would appear that a certain Lesley Jackson from Wales who has harassed and cyberbullied her way into the attention of pagans has really turned up trumps this time. So does crime pay? Email sent from Pagan News: “This came in by Pagan News this morning and i still cant stop laughing “Pagan News Aug 30, 2010 Lesley Jackson Cymraes and other names Merry Lesley Jackson, Cymraes, and lots more .A little about me A bitter old woman from wales who was born into a family of farmers, and bought up in a rural part of the Welsh Marches, in”

  2. BTW “Pagan News” *was* a fake profile on Gather who the Rocky camp had created, pretending to be… Gather saw through it tho’ and deleted not only the posts, but the profile and all the other profiles she created especially to cyberbully.

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