It seems a certain some one is leaving comments, as we know, in my name but at the same time attacking me for various things, which considering, I find highly amusing. Namely because:

  1. The person leaving them is I suspect the person who writes as Rochelle Moore, or someone close to her.
  2. This person is accusing me of deeds they have done or are involved with.
  3. The places they are leaving them…

The latest one appears here: Coping with Dark Circles Under  Your Eyes? but you will have to scroll down to the comments to see the comment – and please feel free to add your thoughts of course 🙂

“Lesley Jackson Cymraes


Lesley Jackson Cymraes and other names Merry Lesley Jackson, Cymraes, and lots more .A little about me A bitter old woman from wales who was born into a family of farmers, and bought up in a rural part of the Welsh Marches, in the mid ’50′. I am a phoney witch who has nothing better to do than to trawl the internet looking to cyberbully. I know there’s allot of talk about being Granny taught within certain, er, fluffy circles online, but I’m one of the rare bunch who really were… well not quite- i wrote it for attention and drew a proposed publishing contract form Andborough Publishing from the owner Pamela Anders Yarborough. So if you want to get published or draw attention to yourself just lie, cheat, cyberbully and voila!! I know… this is the route I follow, building on the basis of his teachings and formulating my own victims which i choose carefully. During the interim i stalk and post but hey lying has paid off.Publishing contract for what?”


You are very welcome to leave a comment if you wish.

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