On behalf of The Witches Voice

A statement:

The Witches’ Voice, Inc. NOTICE (9/5/10): There are several unknown entities here on Facebook and on gather.com that claim to be ‘Witches Voice’ and/or ‘The Salem Witches Voice’. Please be advised that ‘The Witches’ Voice, Inc.’ web site at http://www.witchvox.com/ (and all registered variants) and The Witches’ Voice, Inc.’ Facebook page athttp://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Witches-Voice-Inc/311420724610?ref=ts are the only authorized public venues of ‘The Witches’ Voice, Inc.” Any other use is a direct infringement on the name and corporate identity of ‘The Witches’ Voice, Inc.’, a 501(c)3 non profit organization incorporated in 1997 and have been reported to the hosting companies according to their terms of service agreements. (This posting may be repeated.)”


6 thoughts on “On behalf of The Witches Voice

  1. I’m glad to see this disclaimer…a certain someone has been constantly trying to give herself a false authority by implying she is associated with legit groups, carefully choosing her Facebook and Gather names/group names to mislead people into thinking perhaps she is associated with groups that in reality would have nothing to do with her.

    Kudos to WV…but also unfortunate that they have to do this to protect themselves.

  2. Agreed – up front is the best way to deal with this and I applaud WV (always one of my fav resource sites) for grabbing this by the horns! Those that know, know. And now more know. As I have always said (and I see she is now using this saying too [shakes head]) the truth will always out!

    Oh and thanx – thought it was time for a change – glad you like it 🙂

  3. Go Wren and Fritz!

    Moore, Inc. has also been tossing about Isaac Bonowitz’s name quite a bit lately, claiming to be a close, personal friend. I think someone needs to speak to his agent, or friends and family, to clear this up.

  4. To be truthful I would prefer to leave it Aelwyn – they are still in mourning. I know from what Isaac told me last year it was hard funding his treatment; he hoped to attend the next conference, either as a speaker or in person – sadly this was not to be… I find it disgusting that RM would ‘jump on the band wagon’ of his death as if she knew him… but I refuse to bother his loved one’s with such a sordid fact – the truth will out, it always does.

    Speaking of which, I see RM’s lot are C&Ping allot to do with the Witch Children of Africa and alluding to them helping – of course they are not, instead they are simply copying the posts of those who are – further adding to the false illusion that is the chaotic circus that surrounds RM!

    In the mean time, kudos to Wren and co for this – at least they are not fooled – but then people of their calibre rarely are…

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