The Time has come…

To talk of many things… said the Walrus to the Carpenter… Lewis Carol

So lets talk about things, shall we?

Lets address a few things shall we?

Lets look at a few facts shall we?

Yes? Ok – then I’ll begin.

Intimidating identical posts have been left as comments here to all posts relating to plagiarism; each one left by the same Dublin IP. I have not allowed them to be published, save one. As of today 8th September 2010 I have ‘approved’ these comments to illustrate the mind set of the person who claims to be Ellen, Rochelle Moore’s cousin from Waterford. NB the IPs are all the same and originate from Dublin.

Now I find these are being left all over the internet, under various names. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that using the Witches Voice resulted in them releasing a statement.

I have no doubt who is behind this, it is a direct result of ousting Rochelle Moore as a plagiarist back in June 2010. Since then she has launched a ‘hate campaign’ on her ex-publisher, myself and anyone else who dares to speak out against her.

The facts are:

  • her book Beyond the Third Eye was heavily plagiarised.
  • She has issues with anyone who questions the validity of this or speaks the truth.
  • She attempts to intimidate anyone who brings this to the public eye.

Now let me address this intimidation – I refuse to let it bother me – but it’s not just me she is attacking. I removed what she had to say about one of my gay friends, only to see she had C&Pd my edit into her own vile accusations around the internet!

Here is the original, with the name and link to her profile removed:

..a bitter transvestite who loves to gossip and slander”

So Rochelle Moore, you and your fan’s cannot nor will not intimidate me and my friends into silence!

Give it your best shot – fact is you are a plagiarist – end of!


9 thoughts on “The Time has come…

  1. Hey there!

    Just on a side note, in order to stop spamming, Google’s algorythm for listing sites in search engines now omit content that is continuously posted repeatedly online. This means that if RM + Co. is posting the same thing repeatedly across the internet, no one will be able to find it even if they were searching.

    That being said, it seems that what she is posting is not search engine optimised, nor is it formatted for people to read. Basically all she is doing is adding static.

  2. Thanks for that SC – y’know I think all she is doing is trying to scare people into silence… or lead a trail of false info to try and cover the truth.

    Like I said I don’t really care about what’s said about *me*! Hel I’m old enough to know ‘me’ inside out, but it’s what she is saying about the others, and the intimidating tone of her lies that is just not right!

    I call a spade a spade, and the words I have for her are not publishable! What I edited out (and then included in this post) goes to show what kind of a person she really is.

  3. I hate to inform you and was not going to bother but I think this is important (even for you). I am the Waterford poster who likes rochelle’s work and who has written to you before. So here it is It can not possibly be Rochelle posting as she is and has been for the past month in a hospital in france in convalescing after a major operation. I guess you have to rethink who is most likely to gain from all of this silly nonsense certainly not you Lesley or Rochelle. Only for the fact I know her cousin this info. would not be made public. But, I believe she deserves better than this bitching. She is a person who would never retaliate or be drawn into a public brawl as this I know for a fact. So think again and ask yourself who has the most to gain for keeping this up between the two of you? Does not make sense to me. Anyway, this is my last post and i dont know if you will even post it to your wall because it throws a cat among the pigeons and demands a total rethink. I would not have bothered except it is getting out of hand and its totally stupid at this point. By the way my real name is Ellen
    merry part

  4. Oh puleeeeasssee!!! “in hospital after a major operation”? I’ve heard that one before. Then who, Ellen, has been posting all this nasty stuff over the internet? It really is quite tiring. No, Rochelle never publically puts her name to any kind of slandering, she just logs on as someone else and does it that way.

  5. Oh here we go the magical switchAroo act of “i didn’t do it! Someone else did”. Sorry but I’m NOT buying it, nor should anyone else.

  6. Not when the IPs all point to Dublin, Angel – considering the tone of these Dublin comments we can now make our minds up about the intent behind them… and they all come from the same person; if this person is NOT Rochelle Moore/Siobhan Moore Whelan, then this person IS a follower/fan/supporter of a plagiarising author.

  7. How could it not be Rochell posting? She has been posting under he name all last week until the shit hit the fan with WitchVox.

  8. How long before ‘Ellen’ puts in an apperance on FB with the same 13 friends that all the socks have?

    Your IP has been published for comparison with other supposed “supporter” comments. The only way you get the same IP addy is by using the same computer. Get with it.

  9. “It can not possibly be Rochelle posting as she is and has been for the past month in a hospital in france in convalescing after a major operation.”

    Bwahahahhahahahaha!!!!! *snort, giggle, snort*

    Okay, I dealt with a plagiarist and con-artist on MySpace a few years ago, who suddenly, when confronted by multiple people and authors who she had stolen work from, had “major surgery”. Wow….next thing you know, there’ll be a fake death (that’s what the other plagiarist did, and even plagiarized the newspaper account). And then there’ll be family members telling us to leave Rochelle alone because she has “multiple personality disorder”, and they didn’t know she was doing all this, and it is making her suicidal.

    Oh yes. Lies to cover lies, to cover lies. What’s the saying? Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive!!! Well, Moore, Inc. is going to start tripping all over themselves. And I’ll relish the moment.

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