You decide…

I have here on the blog, dear reader, three unpublished comments. All three have Dublin IP’s. I’ve been reluctant to publish them until now. I do so, to let you see the mind set of the poster. They are in order and I have given an explanation with each one.

Now I need to explain a little history first.

Following the removal of Beyond the Third Eye from publication for plagiarism, a number of people did come forward to support Ms Moore for a short while, until they too saw the light. With Jeffrey Seelman of Starclear Radio it turned out Rochelle Moore had directly plagiarised HIM – a piece he wrote some years ago was, stolen off the internet and included in her book… she had only just appeared on his radio show a week or two before this revelation as well.

Bearing this in mind, this comment comes, (indeed all of them do) from around that time, and this one is supposed to have been from him – it is, to be fair his work, written in her support before he knew she’d stolen his words.

He lives in the USA, BTW.

2010/06/20 at 9:57 pm

Jeffrey/Amy Lang

Jeffrey Seelman On Saturday, June 5, 2010, Irish Paranormal Author, Poet, and Celtic Witch Rochelle Moore appeared as our special guest on Starclear Radio. Prior to her appearance, our radio show and network received several accusations regarding Rochelle. Upon thorough investigation, we had determined that those accusations were comp…letely false, malicious and deliberate. During the interview, we had to ban several people from the chat room, as well as keep the guest telephone lines closed. I stand by Rochelle Moore completely, and believe she has been unfairly targeted. And she was a wonderful guest.

Jeffrey Seelman
Starclear Radio”

This was NOT posted on the blog by him – the IP is from DUBLIN, Eire.

The next comment comes from the supposed new publisher; his FB profile gives his place of abode as London.

He once called me a Welsh Twitt!

Rich considering Trevor is a Welsh name. :/ Pay attention to the IP yet again.

2010/06/20 at 9:26 pm

Trevor Houdek

Pamela Anders Yarborough

As Rochelle’s ex- publisher and an active member of the Extra Sparkely Coven of The Fluffy Bunnies and with emails from various people, groups and Starclear Radio making their statement very clear.
would not like to be in her ex-publishers shoes. I would prefer to be her new publisher. This book turned up 2.3% after scanning it and placing the correct references into place as any ad hoc publisher would do. Not only prior to publishing to cover any aspects of your own accusation of “plagarism” which has shown to be completely unfounded and very unprofessional.
Now it appears you are an active member of the very group that created this issue. Perhaps you are not very happy that this book is being taken on by a real publisher?
Who knows your reasons.

Trevor Houdek”

As you can see this attacks Pam – one of many public attacks, that have been appearing all over the internet. All Pam did was withdraw the book Rochelle Moore had cobbled together from others talented works, including Jeffrey Seelman.

The last is from a person who calls themselves Moon Elder. Now those of us who are on Facebook, will know this name; Moon Elder was (he has now been deleted off FB) a particularly nasty person, fond of calling people all sorts of insulting things, and reminded me of a rather vicious Mr T! Anyway, I digress… here is his post – I think you can see why I didn’t post it until now – I also include the email addy and the IP for you.

IP checkers are two a penny if you would like to check the origin, as I did.

2010/07/04 at 3:16 pm

“Butt makes a statement to Lesley jackson aka Cymraes of fluffy bunny groupReply to topic
Displaying the only post.Emily Fisher Statement from Jeffrey Seelman of Starclear Radio.
June 25, 2010 by cymraes
“Below is my statement, and I have sent this to Rochelle Moore and many other people. You have my permission to spread the word.

Rochelle I am calling you out. You are a warlock and a traitor to all witches and authors.”

aarghhhhhhhhhh who does this ass think he is a warlock eh?…..

interview continued

“My name is Jeffrey Seelman. I am a professional psychic and exorcist who lives in the United States” – blowing hot air up his own butt

“I have decided to contact an attorney and Interpol” – 007 butt??? what do u think u are lol

goes on blowing and farting throughout the interview and the wise Cymraes remember thats lesley jackson from wales who has been on rochelle’s tail for two years and is harrison king’s butt stopper then blames rochelle on taking down and entire network system………fcuk what a joke

“on June 26, 2010 at 9:08 pm cymraes
Phew yeah!

Bad news about the virus that has infected their website tho’ – I know a number of people (including myself) are pondering on Moore posting those links as a supposed resources list… those in the know, have checked several out and the very fact that those sites try to leave nasties behind is iffy! :/”

More to come”

Nice huh?

Now you tell me who the stalkers and cyber-bullies are?

Are they those, who clearly support a plagiarising author, using lies, harassment and thug like tactics or are they those who support the publishers, critics and victims?

I leave it to you dear reader to decide!


8 thoughts on “You decide…

  1. decided
    she has not done anyone any harm you have
    u dont have the gall to post this as u are a coward
    if u only had a tiny piece of her spirit you wouldnt be so dark

    The person who has the most to gain by this is lesley jackson
    nobody else
    perhaps just perhaps
    Andborough publishing may gain because they suddenly started pushing a new book immediately after and were a part of it completely

    my guess you or andborough are to blame for all this fake posting and bullying
    oh and i am not the only 1 who thinks so

    check out photobucket and see all the guilty faces not a nice photo at all
    but then u all deserve it

    1. Hmm… another Dublin comment…

      No harm eh? See this —>

      Friendly or what?

      I’m no coward so bring it on.

      I don’t make money from this. Rochelle Moore took others sorry otters, (in joke there Dear Reader sorry… it refers to yet another hate post from yet another RM related person, who spelt OTHERS as OTTERS… but you would have had to have read it – it looses something in the telling… ) hard work; talent, and used it to make money!

      Andborough are not the bullies and the Pagan Community know it, thanks to your continued harassment.

      Like I said there is proof – DeBlog, Andborough Publishing, Gather, Flickr, Facebook, Authors Den, AC, and all the admins of the FB groups you post the hate comments on! ALL your fake accounts are logged by FB, your IPS and activity.

      The so-called “named and shamed” are good people, who are honest and standing Pagans; and I am proud to call them friends, they are being harassed and cyber-bullied by you, and I for one do not lie down while my friends are being harassed on my own blog.

  2. I have filed official trport with the State Police and the FBI they were quite interested. Lesley I need IP’s from you as they are going to FB to gather those from there and compare and sort out who it who.

  3. Yep, all the Dublin IPs, eh? And not to mention those who check out your site regularly (dumb asses!) Leaving IPs all over the place. The Gardai, Police and FBI merely need those, and *poof* away go Moore, Inc.!

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