Something for the Weekend.

As the sun shines through the windows, and the gentle autumn mists roll away across the land, my thoughts turn to the weekend and the Grimoire Gathering 2010.

While I am looking forward to meeting old friends, I am also looking forward to meeting new friends for the first time 🙂

Ironic that these new friends are all thanks to the Rochelle Moore scandal… people I have ‘met’ in the virtual (un?)reality of Facebook during this time range across the world! And good friends they are too – none of your fair-weather-friend-collectors are they! 🙂

So I pack my bags, knowing I shall so be in the Shires once more, in that part of the country known as the Welsh Marches, where world collide to create a magickal mix of people and places, even in these modern times.

The area of south Shropshire, in which Clun lies, is filled with burial mounds, iron age hill forts, stone circles, Castles, legends, and history!

So my weekend will be filled with the likes of these as I return to the Shires, hobbit that I am 🙂 and I wish you, Dear Reader, a fulfilling magickal weekend too, where every you are.


3 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend.

  1. Looking forward to meeting you, after what 2 years ! lol.. I am bringing my son but dont worry he isnt a typical 12 years old – he will charm your “socks off” my secret weapon, I cant talk him out of it and as I have a spare ticket .

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