The Grimoire Gathering 2010

Clun Castle
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I climbed into the car and high tailed it down to the wonderful village of Clun, from my home in north Powys early last Saturday.

The drive down is always an enjoyable one, as the land of the north Shropshire/Powys border, so masculine in its form, gradually becomes more and more feminine. The tiny village of Clun lies within a cauldron of soft rolling hills, with the river from which it takes its name, meandering through it.

The rain of the early morning, slowly gave way to soft drizzle and by the time I arrived in Clun, the sun was trying to peek through the grey clouds. A perfect welcome for the good folks arriving from far and wide for the Gathering.

Arriving slightly early has two good points; I can say hello to my friends and browse the books both in relative quiet. This done, I settled in for the talks.

While I will not bore you, Dear Reader, with the mundane description of the day, I will say this; there were two, out of the four talks I enjoyed most.

The first was by my friend David speaking on Aggripa. Let me say, David needs to write a book – the detail he had gone into was amazing; I am now inspired to look more deeply into the books of Aggripa and his life; his influence on the modern magickal movement, be it Western Magical Tradition or neo-Witch Craft/Wicca.

The second was by Geraldine Beskin of Atlantis Books, another friend of mine, (would it be that I lived in London!) on the little known Victorian Magician , Fredrick Hockley. Little is know, factually, about him, other than he summoned over 1500 spirits and having done so, kept meticulous records! Gerry, ‘filled’ her illustrated talk out beautifully with speculations, such as he could have looked like Johnny Depp for all we knew as no photographs of him survive. But for all the little known about this man, Gerry’s talk was highly entertaining and rounded the day off nicely.

It was then off for dinner with more dear friends and talk into the small hours before climbing into bed for some well-earned kip!

Will there be another event next year?

The truth is the organiser Gary Nottingham, always announces there will not, BUT – he’s said this for two or three years running… and to rooms full of magical folk who have enjoyed themselves… so who knows; with luck and a little magick I could well be writing about another successful conference again next year! I hope so… and so to finish I would like to add my thanks to Gary and Mary Nottingham, for without them there would be no such events talking place with in this sphere. I would like to thank them for their hospitality and ongoing friendship; you are both an inspiration.

Finally, I’d like to say how nice it was to meet old and new friends, especially those new friends from Facebook; nice to meet you in the ‘flesh’ at long last.


2 thoughts on “The Grimoire Gathering 2010

  1. Hi, thank you for the great comment and for your support. I would also like to thank all the people that came to The Grimoire Gathering for making my first talk a good experience. I am wonderiing (and maybe you can’t make it known on here) is this the blog of Paul Harry Barron?

    1. Hi David!

      It’s no secret who I am – your friend with doggy planets… Lesley and I take it as something of a complement that you thought I was Harry btw 😉

      With regards regards to you talk – I think a book would be nice… I know a good publisher (or two or three come to think of it)!


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