Know thy self… say the sages of old.

Sadly in the quick fire life of modern times the seeker/newbie to the Craft/Occult is (seemingly) quickly seduced by the how-to and the multitude of ready made spell books; once read and a self-initiation later and POOF! a fully fledged Witch/Magician appears over night.

I hate to burst your bubble, but let me tell you – it’s not that easy!

Within this magickal life, self awareness is paramount if one is to succeed – it’s something you can’t find in a book! It take’s time, dedication and above all, hard work, and for this reason the emphasis on self knowledge is either over looked or dismissed – yet it is so important.

Take for instance the casting of the circle. Does one simply do it and it is done? Or does one not only visualise the circle, as it is cast, but is aware of the circle once it is done? For arguments sake, I will say this; the beginner may only know they have a circle cast about them simply because they’ve done it. But for their practise to deepen, it is not just the practical casting that needs perfecting – it is the sensing as well. The sensing of the circle on the Astral about them; their place within it and what ever may be within or with out it, as well as how they are reacting, thinking, feeling, behaving – how they will behave instinctually or not, whether  they are safe or not, how they will act if challenged – the list goes on.

This is where being self aware comes in.

How then does one attain this state of mind?

Meditation is a good way.

Simply to be in nature alone is another.

To live in the moment, to still the mind, to observe from within, to be AWARE all takes practise and I’m well aware (smile) how hard that can be.

The life long challenge is to know your self… and to take time, to slow down and be still within to listen to the self.

Life is geared to be busy, busy, busy these days; rushing here and there; doing this and that; working; playing; living and loving – so much to fit in in so short a time!

I have a friend, who as a young man, worked hard all day, came home to his wife and three children, did all the things that a husband, father and son does and yet STILL had time for his magickal training! He MADE time to practise, each and every day an early morning meditation (and more in between too). He disciplined him self, worked hard and reaped the rewards accordingly.

Anyone can become self-aware; you don’t have to be psychic or special in any way – just willing and dedicated. So the next time you feel there is no need to take time for your self think again. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to know us, and in that knowing become all that we are meant to be in this incarnation…


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