A word…

In this unreality of the internet it is all to easy for the Seeker to find the wrong type (what, I hear you ask is the right type – more of that further on) of person, all to eager to take your money in exchange for Witchcraft/Wiccan degrees or such like – online.

Truth of the matter is anyone who is offering to help in the name of the Gods will do it for nothing, as it’s a calling not a money-making scam… the new Gods of the Cash Tills get worshipped far too much imho… but that’s another rant for another day…

I’d give (and have in the past) ANYONE who wants to take our money in exchange for an online degree or two a wide berth – it’s a waste of money!

You’d be better off getting yourself a good book by a well-known author and getting stuck in with that. Even better find a few good like-minded people and get stuck in with them. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who live in a remote area then do that online. Or if you are lucky enough to be in an area where they hold MBS fairs pop along – you never know who you will meet there! Moot’s are pretty wide spread in the UK now – another good place to start.

Any thing is better than parting with your hard earned money to an online scam or an online teaching coven who CHARGES money – the real McCoy do it for nowt, nothing, zilch, nadda, for free!

So go carefully out there peeps – hang on to your cash…


10 thoughts on “A word…

  1. Well said, if people have a gift and a gift should never be charged for. Maybe an offering something small but never money. When my kids teeth fall out they wait for the full moon and then I send them to the crossroads to leave it there. question here is the full moon ok or should I wait for new/waxing/waning ?? She doesn’t seem to mind so far :

  2. Well Anony Mouse – this has been spread all over FB, Gather, AC etc – at one time she even posted photos to Flickr and Photobucket of those named. These photo’s included the children of one person… Thankfully both Flickr and PB removed the user and photo’s. Gather have been wonderful and also removed any user posting this.

    FB however have not!

    It has come to the Blog Mistresses attention that FB’s International Office is in… wait for it… Dublin…. :/

  3. Thanks Vicky 🙂

    I was on a roll so wrote it rather quickly – I may revise it at a later date – but I think it gets the word out eh?!

  4. No – you weren’t included Sharon, thankfully! It was pics of the so called “N&S” – those who have supported Andborough.com for removing her book, and those who have help to further expose the antics of the circus that surrounds her. I know you were one of these, and that you found some very important info, which has helped enormously, but you weren’t targeted for some reason… You must have had a good disguise – or she thought you weren’t a threat 😉

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