To Earth…

Meditation is a wonderful tool, and once learnt the benefits are many. Here I offer a simple method I have used over the years to earth (ground) and renew. If you have not meditated before, or it has been a while since you have done so – you might want to split this up and do it in stages. But please read this through first and remember if you are not used to meditation you can always bring your self back to reality at any time by moving your awareness to your breathing and move your hands and feet BEFORE opening your eyes. To finish, always eat and/or drink something as this earths us back into reality firmly.

So to begin – turn your phone off, tell anyone else with you in your house you don’t want to be disturbed and when you are sure you will have no distractions at all – even the dog barking or the cat licking your toes then you are ready to begin!

Find a comfy position to sit in- a chair or stool is ideal for this meditation, as your feet need to be bare and flat on the ground, with your spine is as straight as possible

Do the basic shielding of your aura and once you are happy with this take your awareness back to your breath for a few heart beats – then take your awareness to your feet and imagine you have roots growing from the souls of your feet; sit with this for a while as it may feel a little unusual – if this is the case, don’t worry, it is normal 🙂 If you wish to finish there, then do so – you can always deepen (excuse the unintended pun!) the meditation at another time. But if you are happy, then feel the roots grow down, searching for soil, allow them to grow into the earth deeply, going past the worms, and roots of plants and trees, down and down, past the subsoil, past the bones of our Ancestors, past the bones of the past, past the layers of fossils, down – down- down- past the rocks and caves of the deep layers of the Earth – down – down – down, past the hot molten laver – down -down – down into the very center of the Earth – into Giais cauldron – the Crystal Cave at the very center of the earth. Once there begin to draw up the energies through your roots; the good green Goddess energy – draw it up – up – up retracing the journey, into your very being – allow it to fill you, and allow it to return, taking with it any and all negativity within you. Let it return to the earth where it can be transmuted and healed and returned to you full of that Green light of the Goddess.

Allow this circulation to continue for as long as you think fit – for a few minutes at least and then begin to draw up your roots back into your body slowly, seeing the energy come with them – when they are no longer in the ground and completely back in your body, bring your awareness back to your breathing; move your feet and hands and come back to reality.

Remember to eat and drink a little (or allot if you like) to help re-balance yourself.

To earth these energies – to manifest them into reality, write down your experience as soon as you can.

There is another part to this meditation which I will bring to the Blog too – but for now I would love to hear your experiences with this.

And remember – I am a Magickal practitioner writing about my experiences – any and all advice I give is just that, *given* – it is up to you Dear Reader to take it or not :o) and I hold no responsibility for any results (or lack of them too) this meditation may bring.


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