Banks tomb; video blog of the dig.

Exciting news from Orkney!

A new Neolithic tomb has been unearthed, quite by accident it would seem too!

While Orkney is not short on burial chambers from the Neolithic (think of the famous Maeshowe and the Cuween Burial chamber above Finnstown) what is so exciting is that this time the excavation can be seen via a daily (weather permitting) video blog.

According to the tomb was found during work to level a “mound” near by the car park of the Skerries Bistro, at Banks, South Ronaldsay, on September 18. Owner Hamish Mowatt, and his fiancee, Carole Fletcher called in Julie Gibson, county archaeologist who confirmed their find.

Reading what I could of this find on the internet I am now wondering if this new discovery, confirmed as undisturbed via the video blog, contains any “totem” animals or items.

The Cuween chamber contained dog skulls, while the Tomb of the Eagles (which is near by to the new find at Banks) contained the inner core of white sea eagles talons. Exactly why these items where included in these tombs is not clear, but has lead to a theory that these animals where in some way important to the tribes who buried them with their dead.

It would be a very exciting find if there were any link with animals here, let alone that we can watch the whole story unfold via the video blog!

To say the Blog Mistress is a tad excited, would, Dear Reader, be a bit of an understatement! 😉


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