The world is turning…

…and as the season progresses your Blog Mistress, Dear Reader, is like the turbulence outside, settling into the year once more.

The Blog is returning to normal; it’s been a strange year; the Blog has come under attack; friends have come and gone; some have returned to the Blogosphere – others have not… they will be missed but hope springs eternal that with the Turning of the Year they too may return.

So I have to edit the Blog once more to add and subtract these events – just like the falling leaves that cover the grounds around home; the paths; the soil; the roads; they too will be resurrected in a similar form – not the same but the same. Life goes on in it’s familiar cycle of death and rebirth, with all that come between.

Already the sun sets too early; it disappears about now behind the roofs and I long to be in the summer. I tell myself it will not be long until Yule, the depth of Darkness and then the Year Turns, waxing up to Midsummer and my heart leaps at the thought of it.

Even here in the midst of it all, nature abounds. I am caught betwix the Devil and the Deep blue Sea… two opposites I have oft longed for and now celebrate with all my heart.

The contrast is beautiful and ugly; delicious and unpalatable; too busy and too quiet; too lonely and too close.

I love it!

Life, my place on the Crooked Path is just as it should be.

Now? How can I improve it… 🙂


3 thoughts on “The world is turning…

  1. *waves* Good to have you back Seshat!

    Yes attack – it happens when you oust plagiarists (and not just to me neither) – ugly, but I’ve left it all up for all to see so they can make their own minds up. While it’s been all quiet of late, I’m still getting hits on the posts via search engines, so I guess it will rumble on for a while yet too!

    But – life goes on as we know and there we are 🙂 people aint daft eh?


  2. Cooee over there! >waves back<

    Ugh, I had a plagiarist once. Don't know if I was more pissed off at the stealing, or the fact that he took such a boring post when I had written much better ones! LOL 😉

    I shall catch up on your posts when I have some peaceful time and a cuppa 🙂

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