Emily Carding’s Transparent Oracle.

I’ll be the first to point out the Tarot and I don’t get on – I’ve tried for years to make sense of the cards, but I finally realised I was flogging a dead horse and gave up. But that doesn’t mean to say divination per sae has passed me by! I’m a great fan of Geomancy, I use Augury, and of course Horary Astrology too !

So when I heard about Emily’s Transparent Oracle, I was intrigued.

I knew her Transparent Tarot was and is well received  by those who do divine with the cards; could the T.O. light my fire?

Reading the various reviews around the internet I thought they sounded like something that would suit me, but the crux of the matter finally came to a head when Emily herself posted a photo of a reading on her profile on Facebook asking “friends” for their interpretations.

Seeing the three cards in that photo and giving her my thoughts on them proved to me this was one form of divination done via “cards” that I could work with; so I ordered some.

They arrived this morning.

I’m in love… 🙂

When the postman presented me with the parcel (well wrapped by Amazon; thank you!) I was surprised! I’d expected them to be larger, for some unknown reason!

I quickly revealed the box within, containing the hallowed cards and was again surprised! I don’t know why, but I had expected the cards to be allot larger! But I was very happy to see they are not huge – I only have small hands (yes honest, tiny compared to most) and consequently find most (if not all) tarot decks much too large to handle, let alone shuffle!

The T.O. are a perfect size for any hand, mine included! They come in a handy box, neatly arranged with the usual book (a handy size with loads of info within on how to read and use them) and a white cloth to place underneath, allowing the layered readings to be easily read. I can tell, allot of thought has gone into this and encouraged with this, I quickly (and enthusiastically) leafed through the book and cards.

Now for those of you who are not familiar with the T.O. they are used in layers to build up the reading – a wonderful concept birthed by Emily and quiet unique! I like this concept allot – it makes allot of sense to me! The whole picture is literally built up, layer upon layer to be read accordingly! Perfect!

Emily has based the cards upon the seven directions, of which most of us are familiar with; East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within. Each direction has ten cards and within the book the meanings of each, along with explanations of what they can mean when read with other cards of the different directions are given.

Emily encourages the proud new owner to “play” with the cards to create that all important bond between diviner and the diviners tool; this is true of what ever tool is used for what ever system BTW.

What I especially like, (besides the brilliant layering technique) is how Emily speaks to the reader right off each page of the book; it’s like she’s in the room with you, chatting away in a friendly manner! It’s refreshing and that is in keeping with the whole concept of this new, revolutionary approach to cartomancy; it’s a refreshing change!

Sorita D’Este and her lovely husband, David Rankin, have written the foreword and David has contributed several spreads to use, including the interesting Axis Mundi spread; but I will not go into that here, rather you discover it for yourself.

I am looking forward to many happy hours spent with the T.O., getting to know them and layering readings and experimenting with them. Who knows, I may even find myself drawn to the tarot once again, the transparent version, of Emily’s of course!


2 thoughts on “Emily Carding’s Transparent Oracle.

  1. Thank you for this, I have just ordered my copy. That it was endorsed by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine who I hold in high regard is definitely a plus, but it seems like such a wonderful and unique contribution to the Tarot world too!

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