A strange turn of events…

It would seem, in an ironic twist of fate, that a certain author has in turn been plagiarised if this review is to be believed. (comments on the review make for interesting reading.)

You will remember the ruckus of last year when the Blog Mistress, along with a few other good folk, ousted a certain Rochelle Moore for plagiarism, the result of which her book was removed from the market by her then publishers. You will also remember the onslaught Andborough.com and said good people received as a result from various, err, supporters of hers.

Now it seems one Zara Allcot has written a similar book, in a similar style, with similar words – how strange (can you hear the irony here?)!

No doubt this will merit a closer look as both books are in my possession, and no doubt it will also result in another onslaught; a barrage of insults from her and her, err, supporters… such is life.


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