The Astrological Glyph’s of the Planets

Astrological glyphs of planets.
Image via Wikipedia

In astrology, each of the planets and sun signs are given their own symbol, known as a glyph. For the new student, these glyphs need to be learnt if they are to be able to look at a chart and read it like a book!

It might be handy for the student to learn their own sun sign and ruling planet glyph first, rather than learning them in list form. Then move on to the glyphs that relate to significant others, friends and co-workers. When writing notes up, it’s quicker to use the glyphs too, so I suggest learning them as one of the first lessons as they are one of the tools you’ll take forward with you that will help your praxis.

These glyphs are also a tool for magick as they relate to the planet’s energies, and can be called upon for meditation on the planets too. However it must be said that the font I wanted to use is not supported by WP – so I have included a copyright free image of the glyphs and the planets they represent. Needless to say they are in Latin and the Earth glyph (Terra) need not apply here, tho’ it will be of use in any magickal works you may wish to do.

So it can be seen how useful these age old symbols can be – learn them and learn them well. 🙂



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