Geek Mom, me and Mr Grump!

Dear Reader,

you know how much I deplore plagiarism now don’t you? Try as we might, it’s out there, rearing it’s ugly head continually! I’m fed up with it and I dare say you are too! It brings out the grumpy pixie in me – my alter ego – my dark side… Mr Grump the Pixie!

But in the darkness that surrounds *it* a few are meeting it head on.

One of those who are, is Geek Mom and I recommend reading her excellent article on the subject – it’ll raise an eyebrow or two as well as a few smiles…. well it banished my Mr Grump! ;p

Copyright (nearly) EVERY THING (yup even the photo but not the White Bunnie pic which is from here: ) Cymraes©2011

So leave my bike alone you!  >( You may, however look at it and link accordingly ;p

You are very welcome to leave a comment if you wish.

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