March diddle-de-firkins.

Blessed with the warmth of the sun streaming in through my windows, the day is spoiled by yet another cold wind. This spring cannot come quick enough, even if it is cold!

Signs are now, abundant.

With the snowdrops over, the many glorious multi-coloured carpets of crocus bring joy to the Soul. The Forsythia is all but out, its bright yellow so welcoming as a precursor to the swathes of daffodils yet to come.

The sun shows me where the cobwebs are and my thoughts turn to Spring Cleaning.

Reaching for my Elfin Moon diary, I see we have a new moon on the evening of Friday, 4th, in )-( Pisces, conjunct the Sun and Mars, sextile Pluto at 20:46 GMT. An emotional day, as new hurts or old wounds with loved one’s could be transformed.

(Once again I am frustrated that WP does not support the astro fonts I downloaded!)

But no matter now – onwards!

Moon Phases for March:

New – Friday 4th in Pisces at 20:46

First Quarter – Saturday 12th in Gemini at 23:45

Full – Saturday 19th in Virgo and Libra at 18:10 VOC between 18:10 and 20:03

Last quarter -Saturday 26th in Sagittarius and Capricorn at 12.07 VOC between 01:24 and 01:57.

Times are GMT until the 27th when the clocks “spring” forward and hour, bringing lighter evenings as the days lengthen.

If you are planning any magicks this month be aware that any such diddle-de-firkins rarely work when the moon is VOC (Void of Course)!

This is also the month when we celebrate the Vernal or Spring Equnox (HURRAH!) marking the end of winter (hopefully) and heralding the Summer to come. This year it’s on the 20th, the day after the FM, a Sunday. The FM appears in the skies for three days and traditionally, the day after the FM is the most potent for banishing… those winter blues perhaps?

The year is waxing (growing) up to it’s zenith; the days are growing longer and warmer; the sap is rising!

Much can be learnt from Mother Nature, especially this month – it’s a simply wonderful luxury to sit in the sun and observe what is coming to life around us – but we forget to learn from the little (seemingly) insignificant things Gaia shows us. We are so intent on being caught up in our busy lives, slowing down can be seen as impossible, even for a minute at times. How often in my life, as a busy Mother and Wife, did Spring pass me by only to find it was full blown Summer before I noticed!

So note to self; take a nice cupa-T at least once a day into the garden, or window seat and simply watch the birds, or walk around the garden observing what’s doing what and where!

Buga the cobwebs eh!


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