I don’t *BELIEVE* it…!!!

In rather bizarre circumstances, I found myself uttering Victor Meldrews famous catch phrase in surprised disbelief; I really don’t believe (shakes head) what I’ve witnessed over the last 24 hours or so, here on the internet!

But before I launch into a full rant; first a pre-amble… 🙂

The other day, I was dead chuffed for MrsB, to find her blog had been included into the Circle of Moms, Top 25 Faith Blogs – I popped along and voted for her, because I do enjoy her blog. While I was there, I browsed through the list of others blogs and found a few others I read making an appearance so voted for them too. I did notice that the majority of the blogs were of one particular Faith, but thought nothing of it.


I came home last night , after a very nice day in the company of my Loved One’s and logged on to Facebook to find a storm had erupted over MrsB’s blog being included into the Top 25 Faith Blogs and goodness knew what!

I quickly put my sleuthing hat on and got out my trusty magnifying glass, but in truth, I didn’t have to look hard to see what the problem was…

There’s no easy way to put this, but one of the Other Faith Bloggers, had written a post which attacked MrsB for being a Witch… 😮

Time-Warp Wife (Empowering Wives to Joyfully Serve) had quite a bit to say on the subject of a “self confessed Witch” being included in the list!

A Quote from TWW blog on the subject:

“Evil will and does present itself as beautiful, harmless, and alluring–even moreso than it did 100 years ago. Instead of black hats and bad teeth we see blondes with great smiles and white teeth convincing us all they’re the “good witch,” ready to dispel any preconceived notions you might have.”

Sad eh? In fact, when you, Dear Reader, pop over to TWW blog to read the original post, as I’m sure you will, make sure you have a good look at the profile pic…

Thankfully, many good people saw this as an attack and that it was just plain wrong, and rallied around MrsB and the offending Blog was removed from Circle of Moms.

Patti Wiggington rallied and posted a good sensible piece supporting MrsB; “Because Christianity Doesn’t Own “Faith”” which has spawned some interesting comments of it’s own.

In the mean time MrsB. has posted her own touching personal version of the events yesterday and the Time-Warp Wife posted a recipe on chicken

Says it all really!


Update: She won! 🙂

The margin was nearly 500 votes and many of the other pagan blogs did well too.

So congrats to Mrs.B – well done girl you so deserve it 🙂

(For some annoying reason I can’t embed the link to her excellent blog! So the link will have to sit here [C&P into your browser if it doesn’t take you there when you click on it] http://www.confessionsofapagansoccermom.com/ )
My thoughts on this whole affair…

We’re all entitled to our opinions, after all, but it hurts to see others calling names on people they’ve never met or bothered to get to , but simply “assume” they must be this or do that.

One of the facilities on the blog here brings up the search criteria used by people which fetch my blog up for them; some of these criteria repeat over and over again, but there is a new one which has appeared only since this ugliness shown towards Mrs.B and pagans in general has sprung up and it’s quiet worrying- of course it could be some spotty teenager looking for late night kicks, or it could be someone looking for trouble, or it could well be just a curious person… but when I see “evil pagans” on the list I worry… not for myself, but for the person on the other end of those words – are modern minds so closed?


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