The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet Edited by David Rankine

It with some excitement, Dear Reader that I can tell you about the latest offering from the excellent peeps at Avalonia  Books

The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet
Edited by David Rankine

A 17th century London Cunning-man’s book charms, conjurations and prayers

Now available for pre-orders!

A little to wet your appetite:

This is a unique work which draws attention to the often neglected place of women in seventeenth century magic, both as practitioners (such as skryers and Cunning-women), and customers. It also emphasises the vital and influential role played by Cunning-Men and Women in synthesising and transmitting the magical traditions of medieval Britain into the subsequent centuries, as well as their willingness to conjure a wide range of spiritual creatures to achieve results for their clients, including angels, demons, fairies, and the dead.” 


Sounds good eh?

An update:

I managed to get myself a copy and I’m not disappointed.

Though I have yet to finish reading the book, so far it is very informative and very interesting!

With his usual attention to detail, David Rankine weaves a mystical tale based in reality, presenting written evidence and a glimpse into the past, alive with themes we are drawn to at this time in history.

Once I have finished reading it, a full review will appear. But I already know this is one of those books I will oft return to again and again.


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