Mary McAndrews…

Mary McAndrews is a wonderful artist!

I’ve been looking through her site and thought it more than worth sharing with you Dear Reader – *do* take a peek… especially if you draw, paint, or photograph things in nature – she’s got lots of hints and tips to share, and share she does! I love the idea of keeping a nature journal, and have meant to in some form or other for years, but hers is … well, so much more than my simple scribbling 🙂

So take a look – have a browse – I was enthralled and hope you are too…


3 thoughts on “Mary McAndrews…

  1. thanks so much for this ‘shout out’ Cymraes, I’m working hard on many new ideas, ‘how to’ books, a brand new tour business out of the UK!!! I’d love for people to stop by my shop on Zazzle, since I’m trying to support myself as an artist, it’s my only way to sell note cards, prints etc. That’s why artists like myself don’t like when people use their artwork without giving a link to the website or something. I don’t mind if people post it, use as their profile etc, just don’t take off my copyright and please tell people about who I am.

    Thank you for all the support by sending people to links to my pages!! I DO NOT bear ill will to anyone who may have used my Paintings, just ask for a bit of respect for my creativity that I LOVE sharing with all. I have gotten lots of inspiration from meeting pagan and wiccan folks in my artistic journey, I’m open to learn and know what feels right to me. I plan to paint more Goddesses by the way, just itching to paint more beautiful women with nature…that tell some kind of story or emotion. I hope everyone keeps visiting my shop so I can support myself this way. (Hey, selling a few original oils would be great too!! lol 😉
    thanks, love and peace to all here!

  2. Hi there, I found the link to this page via the PAP group and Bustin’ Chops, and would really like to follow Cymrae’s Corner on facebook but when I click on the link, it doesn’t lead me anywhere. I would very much like to look at Mary’s artwork, some online friends have been raving about it. Many thanks.

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