Blogging in the field!

The wonders of modern technology bring you this blog from the field or rather wood! Which is where I am right now!

What once I would have scribbled in my note book and then transferred to my journal, can now be done via thus electronic device directly from the place that inspires me!

I came out with the express intention of looking for the signs of autumn. But on this warm sunny September afternoon I’ve seen more butterflies than turning leaves. Perhaps we will have an Indian summer for we need some warmth in our bones after what they say was the coldest summer for thirteen years! Especially if the winter is hard like the last few have been.

So here I am. Reminded that in the close of each season lies the opening of the next.

The sun is still warm but the wind is cold.

The butterflies are still about but berries are ripening.

And as with life, the loss of better days brings a quiet mourning for what has been lost.

There is no one point were we can say this is the end – only a gradual shift from an ending to a beginning… And so it is.


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